Hector's Log 2/16/16

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Hector's Log 2/16/16

Postby Fraddas » February 16th, 2016, 10:57 pm

Been a minuet since my last log entry. Things have changed and things have gotten better, and a few speed bumps.

The Lone Stars are back in the hunt for a play off spot. Coach Rachael and myself have been working tirelessly with the team to get them in shape to win this season. On the side the team is doing out reach support for the local children's hospital and last month we raised over $100,000 for them! I was so proud I about cried. We have had a bout of injuries but we're taking new pro-cautions to make sure they remain healthy. I turned 29 last week during a TXS game with Huntsville, We won and my sister is still a crazy as ever...

I'm back on the singles market again. On the day before I dodged out after the game and went to visit Kyle. I was still fuming after the loss and d2d injuries to our three players, but I calmed down when I saw Kyle. On Valentines Day, instead of spending the morning in bed together, we had a long talk about us and how...difficult it was to be in a far apart relationship and how a certain agent has been breathing down our necks about us as if it were a Snakessphere forbidden relationship tragedy. We decided a mutual breakup would be the best course of action for us with all the stresses we endure. I was still hurt when I caught up with the team that same evening. break ups, even mutual ones but we're still friends. Funny thing is when I revealed our break up some people treated it as a "professional" thing. I could go on a war path with those individuals but I rather be professional in my own way by making them eat there words in the playoffs with my team behind my back. As for Kyle and me, He's still a friend, but our love chapter is over.

That's all for now, I'll write again later.


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