Hector's Log 3/2/2016

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Hector's Log 3/2/2016

Postby Fraddas » March 2nd, 2016, 10:39 pm

I feel like I'm gonna be sick as I'm writing this.

Last time I wrote a blog The Lone Stars were on top of the plains division, we raised good money for a charity, and I had gone through a mutual break up with my Boyfriend. for the moment I felt like the song 2 out of three ain't bad. maybe things would look up more. I'm sad to say it hasn't 2 out of 3 may not be bad but winning 1 game of our last six isn't.

I've tried all my "reasonable means" and methods to try and light a fire under Texas's ass. I held a townhall meeting and the general agreements are it has nothing to do with Marcus knight as captain, nothing to do with the coaching, nothing to do with management and nothing to do with any one person. We're a broken team. Ever since Travis set sail we've been struggling to fill a hole the size of the sate itself with no avail so far.

I bought out Chester and Signed Ozzie Templeton. While his contributions have been superb, it's still hasn't fixed us as a whole. Francois the rookies everyone's still in high spirits we can overcome this. I could say I share their enthusiasm but I'd be half truthful. It's been hard to remain optimistic during this time I'm not gonna lie. I'd normally talk to Kyle and he'd know what to say to me. I try talking to Wessely in our hotel rooms during away games, but he's too formal around me, so it's hard to get a read on him. maybe I should switch roomies for a while. I go out for a drink but that will make me throw up. Whoever said it's tough being the boss ain't lying.

I guess in closing for now I'll just sit back on this roller coaster hold on tight, see how things play out, and hopefully not loose my dinner from so much stress.


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