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Postby Fraddas » May 22nd, 2016, 5:23 pm

This week I was at home in Huntsville, Alabama visiting my family and my niece Veronica. She's gotten taller since I last saw her, and got to actually spend quality family time with her which is a rare treat for me considering I got a team to run. but being with her made me have second thoughts on maybe starting a family someday perhaps.

Today though was different.

It started out great! John, my brother came by to visit, which was nice to see, Veronica agreed too. The three of us went out for lunch and a bit of fun in the park. when we got home things took a dramatic turn. Sitting in the middle of the room was a rat I, nor my family ever want to see ever again. Lawrence, Veronica's biological father.

Before I get into what happened here's the background. I've expressed in the past my sister, Jennifer is not the brightest or the most sane in our family. She's been in and out of mental wards and has restraining more orders then my brother's reviewed in a month, So one night while she was out and about she met Lawrence, who happens to be another Rat. She was gone for a week and we were worried about her so we called the cops and a few days later cops found her roofied, tied up and raped. You don't need to be smart to figure out who did it.

Lawrence was arrested, and my sister wound up pregnant with a rape baby. Naturally she didn't want to be a mother but she didn't want an abortion or give her child up to adoption, So when Veronica was born, my parents claimed custody of her. Lawrence on the other paw, weaseled his way out of jail time and was sentenced instead to; two years house arrest, two years probation, two years community service, a year with a mental health doctor, and a Lifetime Restraining order away from any and all members of my family, Veronica included

Fast forward to about two hours ago.

John, Veronica, and myself enter the house, mom dad and gran-gran are out, and we walk in and see Lawrence looking back at us. I told john to take Veronica in the other room and I confronted Lawrence. I asked him what he was doing here and he said he wanted to meet his daughter and get to know her.. I told him no way. we went back and forth with it till John came out and reminded him he was violating his restraining order. Lawrence didn't care.
The situation escalated to a shouting match then he made a dive for Veronica's bedroom door I intercepted him by grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and by his arm and bar bouncer style directed him out the door and slammed it shut while yelling never come back asshole! he yelled back he was gonna call the cops. half hour later mom and dad come home we told them what happened and then cops showed up and lead me out of the house in cuffs.

Last I heard, John is working on getting the charges dropped. And officer Harloson a fox friend I've known since middle school gave me my journal and told me he heard what happened, and chances were very good I won't be facing charges. Small comfort, but it was nice to know I had back up.


2 hours later, and I'm a free rat. The Chief of Police told me as I was being released, no charges filed against me, Thank goodness. However, I would have to be available in a month or so to testify in court against Lawrence when a court day is set. I told him I would and I told him to let John Know the date and I'll show up, since I will be traveling a little more this offseason. In the mean time, I'm going home to hug Veronica and pack for my trip to Baltimore tomorrow afternoon.

This isn't over yet.


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