On June 21st's Slack chat incident

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On June 21st's Slack chat incident

Postby qovapryi » June 23rd, 2016, 2:42 pm

To the FBA community.

I'm sure all of you who are familiar with the "general-managers" channel in the Slack chat won't have failed to notice a rather heated discussion that developed in the late afternoon (CET) of Tuesday, June 21st.

The confrontation that went on for a couple hours was essentially spurred from a misunderstanding that took place between contributor Lizzimba and a few others regarding the "Olympic tournament" project I'd recently proposed to the attention of the entire community. The misunderstanding was all about the eligibility of character Takamoto, Shirley (owned by contributor Sam Gwosdz) and the possibility of having her play for Japan and Brazil, both possibilities that me and Sam had previously discounted in a private chat, unbeknownst to Lizz and the other contributors in the chat at that time.

With no means for either me or Sam (both of us weren't in the chat at the time) to straighten the issue, the situation quickly escalated to a conflict between Lizz, who'd already gone out of his way to state he would work out a solution in private with the interested parties, and the other contributors erroneously thinking he was blowing up a rather unimportant issue in order to undermine my personal project. All the while, the League Committee received no less than three letters of complaint for Lizz's conduct.

I believe it is my duty to set things clear and publicly put forth a statement saying that me and Lizz got to discuss what went down, quickly realized about the misunderstanding and proceeded to sort it out between the two of us, with him apologizing to me for his earlier conduct in the chat. I hope we can put this entire situation behind us and keep on focusing on what makes the FBA a good place to partake and have fun - first of all, the upcoming, exciting Finals series among Albany and Seattle.

Along with this, I really really want to thank those contributors who stuck out for me during the entire incident. You, guys, are what keeps me motivated and committed to keep doing whatever in order the FBA community remains a safe and peaceful environment for everybody to enjoy.

Dave, aka Q.

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