Hector's Log 8/16/2016

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Hector's Log 8/16/2016

Postby Fraddas » August 16th, 2016, 3:28 pm

Been about two and a half months Time for some updates;

First off, the business with my niece's biological father, Lawrence is done. we learned he'd been drinking the day of his visit and he broke in to the house. I testified and set the record straight on defending myself when he came at me and my brother, and was found in the right and all clear. So I'm happy to say I'm not being sued fined or worse. Lawrence however, he's gonna be spending a few years behind bars, again.

On to happier news.

I'm going on full record here, I'm in a romantic love relationship with the new Baltimore Spirits GM, Lina Khaldi. She was previously the Vegas GM and had a fall out but now she's back at the helm with a new team. I decided to take up her invitation to visit her and we talked business then about each other and how we used to enjoy each other's company and things started clicking from there and now we're together. I've already told Tim and he's cool with it and the team knows too so there will be no scandals. We don't know how well this will work but we're taking a shot and I can't deny I love that meerkat.

Starz-Arena is shaping up nicely. during a return trip to Texas I talked with everyone building it and we're on schedule for preseason and regular season. only hiccup we might have is possibly 3 vendor shops may not be open till mid December, and arena Wifi may not be available till mid November, but everything else and concessions will be open and fully ready in time.

Lastly The Draft combine was wonderful! I got to talk to a bunch of young rookies in interviews. and even got an interview myself by one of them. and last night I partied a bit late with like a dozen of them at this restaurant my brother recommended my treat. Lina shook her head when I told her what I did, but hey I'm different and these kids coming needed a good memory before they get drafted and I was happy to get to know a good few of them. I'm probably gonna spend another day or two in Albany With Lina and perhaps wrestle my big bro into coming to dinner with us, Then it's back to Austin for me because I got two draft picks and a team that I gotta discuss this stuff with.

till next time

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