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Press Conference

Postby Fraddas » January 6th, 2017, 3:02 pm

I'm just gonna make a statement and not take questions.

As you're aware we're not having a our best season. 8 wins under our belt. As a general manager I got to be honest It's my job to assess the situation and weed out the problems and fix them. When we had our double over time loss near the beginning of the year we had two long term injuries that lasted till just after Christmas. We signed a good back up center but we needed our power house line up back.

We got them back, and ever since then I don't know why but we haven't been able to mount up a winning streak of 3 or greater. We have the power in our starting line Marcus Lindsey Ahti Wesley and Keitaro are all terrific athletes so are all the players on the bench and reserves Francois, San, Brad Ricardo Whitney Cadence Raul Whitney Chrys are all wonderful! and lets not forget Takeru, our rookie who I have no doubt will be in ASW has been a great contributor to the team. I could not ask for a better roster.

our coaching and trainer staff have done a lot in keeping our players heathy and focused on the game. I have personally seen to this. All of this in mind, I do not yet have a answer as to why we are not breaking dams and top of our division I am still pouring over charts, graphs, stats, play books, film, I even considered hiring Barton rouge to put some good voodoo on the team but pr thought that was a bad Idea.

Still no answer. I could cop out and say this year is our slump year but I'm not that kind of rat. I refuse point blank to accept that, and so does the team. We haven't given up yet and do not plan on it anytime soon. For now thought best we can do is hold on till we get a big break in the storm we're in,

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