Taking my leave

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Taking my leave

Postby Theodore Rockwell » May 17th, 2017, 6:29 pm

The FBA was truly a fun place a couple years ago but now it has lost its spark and its main creator, who made the community fun and enjoyable. Due to recent drama brought upon the group, it became more of a drama place. So without being too long, I’ll make my point. I’ve left the FBA.

People lose their marbles over small issues that weren’t even worth fighting over. Plus, some people care only about how their players are doing, especially not forgetting to mention that the commissioner and committee are working behind the scenes to make the FBA a better place. However, I didn't notice a single drop of change in the community. A lot of contributors have left due to repeated drama expressed here and it's getting to the point of intolerance. A lot of great people left due to a lot of arguments. This pushed me to leaving the FBA permanently.

As I told the committee, I’ve left Fraddas with Lindsey Morrison and Micah Davenport to have their stories be told throughout their FBA careers. Theodore (Theo) Rockwell and Victor Vos will be given to the committee. I will however be BAL’s coach until their season is over.

To all contributors, may you have a good flourishing time with the project. Write stories that keeps readers engaged and focused. In conclusion, I’d like to thank the contributors, the committee, and the co-commissioner for everything to make this community great. It was fun while it lasted.


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