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Postby Harlow » September 28th, 2018, 12:55 pm

Las Vegas, Nevada

The event at the hotel was fairly modest, the blonde mongoose getting retouches in he makeup and hair, heavy thoughts in her mind. She already made her mind on her future and while second guesses could brew, truth of the matter was that there was no turning back, as she sat in front of some cameras, wearing a rose champagne-colored pantsuit thay complimented the natural shimmer of her fur, sporting a straighter hairstyle and jewelry from Diamond Newtxus, which she did promptly namedrop and thanked for her look of the night

"First of all, I want to congratulate my sister Chantal for her contract in Williamsburg. I know she will totally work for them and she will have a happy career and her cause will shine strong. Maybe one day our paths'll cross but we know this career choice was like this... Now I guess the one you are waiting for."

"I think it's like, evident that Plymouth didn't opt for me as an option, but that is fine by me, wish them the best..."

Danica continued, nodding to her sister. "In the end this leaves two options, Pittsburgh... and Lorain. I love I'll face my sister more often though," she laughed with the reporters. "I got one picture with the logo of the team I chose in my hands. The team whose picture is not in here sadly won't get me snd got to pack their bags, return to your stadium... and stay home..."

"I'll start with Pittsburgh. I've actually been to this city way before the FBA life started up, and I really enjoy it, and what you said in your contract it is indeed true. But when I spoke out about my statutes, you ignored them. Your intentions were good and I see that, but your approach was really curt. I fell totally not listened to..."

"Lorain. The team who got me and believed in me. I got to this small city, I got skeeved at first not gonna lie, but you shown the spirit and the heart thia team had. And it let me flourish. But then it just leaves me scared for the future. If this team falters, what is left for me? For my future? I love Agundio and Edwin, but if they continue, where is my part?"

"Two very compelling offers and I would totally love to be in both teams... But in the end I have to make a decision... so who'll it be?" The mongoose let herself a moment of suspense as she opened the envelope...

"Thanks for listening to me, Lorain..."

Danica let the applause fade and her sister to hug her and congratulate her for her decision before continuing. "In this day and age, the role of women is more important than ever, and it is important to like, teach young girls that they got a voice, that their demands should br totally listened to. And of both teams, Lorain did and Pittsburgh did not. Being dimissive and not listening could totally get you eliminated from America's Next Top Model. It is also important to have a great work environment and a shining personality. And for that I chose to remain...in Lorain..." she let herself some amusement before calling off the press release, going to her parents and sister for a quick photo op of both twins on their new (current for Danica) team attires.


Later that night, the two mongooses sipped on some skinny Margaritas on a table by themselves.

"I'm so proud of what you said and of you, Dee" Chantal commented.

"It was like... the only decision. Listening will lead to wonders, be it boys, designers or bosses!" She chuffed.
"And the way Pittsburgh like totally dismissed you? Knowing how important you are to me? So not cool..." Danica adjusted her hair.

"Yeah... I'm not sure they are very much for frnale empowerment if you said something and they dismissed it. Definetly not helping the cause."

"I mean you are totally right. This contract can lead for a better pay in the future and stable raises over the years! And if Coco Chanel could flourish coming from a dmall town of 20000 people, so can I! A toast to make this division fab?"

"You bet sis..." the twins smiled as they clinked their cups.

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