A New Beginning

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A New Beginning

Postby Anonymous13423 » October 27th, 2018, 6:31 pm

Facing an unexpected turn of events, Mike and Cam, two new teammates on the Thrust, decide to have a talk.

This story is the result of an RP that I did with Patrick a while ago, but I'm just managing to get it posted now. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Contains some NSFW themes, but nothing explicit.


October 1st, 2018
San Jose, CA

It was a refreshing Monday morning as Mike Rising (Red Wolf, G/F) and Cameron Parkhurst (Virginia Opossum, F/G) stood before the Steerbucks counter. This one just so happened to be the nearest one to the San Jose Thrust’s training facilities; the four rookies had split coffee duty between morning and afternoon team training sessions, and Mike had taken the opportunity to take Cameron with him in the morning, hopefully to solve some… unresolved matters.

"So… what do you want to order?" asked the red wolf.

Fidgeting a little, the opossum said, "Oh god, it's been a while since I came to one of these. Do they have stuff that, like, doesn't have coffee in it? I don't really drink coffee..."

"You drink tea then? Think they got a decent green tea latte recently."

Cameron scanned the menu. "Hmm. You know what? I'm just gonna get a smoothie. Even though I could get one literally anywhere else," he said, chuckling.

“Heh, sure.”

Mike first read off the orders from the rest of his teammates before saying, “Can I have an iced pumpkin spice caramel macchiato with an extra espresso shot? Oh, and a strawberry banana smoothie as well.”

Cameron let out a laugh. "Pumpkin spice! 'Tis the season."

"I seriously could be buried underneath a mountain of pumpkin spice when I die on a breezy autumn night," Mike replied, laughing as well.

The drinks would all take a while to get done, so the wolf and the opossum headed to a table at the corner of the coffee shop, where they would gather less attention.

“So…” said Mike, sitting down at one of the chairs. "I guess I've got some stuff to talk about."

Cameron sighed pensively as he said, "I knew we'd get into some serious discussion sooner rather than later… so, what’s up?"

“Yeah… about that Combine night…”


August 26th, 2018
Sioux Falls, SD

It initially started out with a tweet that Cameron had sent out at the final day of the Combine.

“there are a lot of attractive guys at the combine but I'm too awkward and nervous to hit on any of them l o l” - @Cam_Parkhurst

After the shooting trials had ended, Mike just so happened to catch this tweet on his feed and decided to reply,

“What makes you think I'm not interested? ;) - @MikeRising19

Responding with googly eyes at first, Cameron had given him a DM whether he was being serious; Mike’s reply was “come to my hotel room if you are as well”. From then on, as the night got deeper, one thing kept leading to another, both players stepping over the borderlines of rational thought one by one, until they reached that point where absolutely nothing was left in between the two.

It had been quite a night.

Rationality had returned the morning after, with the two taking turns in the shower after what had been a somewhat awkward awakening; they’d both gone their separate ways afterwards, but the memory from that night would certainly remain...


"I mean... I didn't really expect us to cross paths again after that, you know?" continued Mike, the night’s memory still "Since there's a pretty small chance of any two rookies getting to be on the same team and all..."

"Yeah, that. I mean, we were probably gonna end up playing against each other eventually, but now..." Cameron trailed off.

"...Yeah. It kinda feels... weird to play on the same team with someone you... did the deed with?" Mike cringed. "God, I'm bad with euphemisms… I mean, I've dated a few guys in college, but none of them were on the basketball team..."

"Same. My last boyfriend was a musical theater student, for God's sake!" He laughed nervously. "But yeah. Uh..."

Cameron shifted uncomfortably in the chair... just as the pager started vibrating. “I’ll get the drinks,” said Mike as he got up, hopefully getting a few extra seconds to think about what exactly he wanted to say.

Mike returned with the team’s orders, complete with his iced pumpkin spice caramel macchiato and Cameron’s strawberry banana smoothie. "I guess... regardless of whatever private stuff happens between us, I'm hoping things can stay professional on the court," he said, after sitting down. “We play basketball for a living now, remember? And I'm not sure if us potentially being... a thing in public would be a good idea for either of us."

"Yeah. Yeah, of course. No, I get what you're saying. Here to play and all that," came Cameron’s reply.

Mike nodded. "I just couldn't stop thinking about... all of this as of late."

"Same...pretty much as soon as San Jose called, if we're being honest..." said Cameron, as he mulled over what happened the last few days. "I mean, I had to take the offer. I want a professional career and all that. I didn't want to make it, like, intentionally awkward or anything."

"Yeah, I get where you're coming from," said Mike, with a light chuckle. "I do want to say you're a nice guy to be around, though."

"Thanks! You, uh, you too." Cameron laughed nervously before saying, "Thanks for, uh… not being weird about this? I guess? Because I still feel kinda weird about it."

"Hey, thank you for listening to me through all this..." replied Mike. "Feel free to practice some long range with me in free shooting practice, by the way..." He smiled.

"I'd better, that's what they signed me for!" he laughed. He took a deep breath before saying, "Hey, thanks again. I know I'm kind of an awkward mess, so thanks for bearing with me..."

"No worries, man," said Mike, as he picked up the team’s drinks. "Let's get outta here... kinda want to enjoy the crisp California weather today."

Cameron suddenly realized that he’d finished his smoothie during the short time it was in his paws. "Yeah! I could get used to it here, I think… still need to find an apartment, though," he laughed.

"Same!" said Mike, laughing as well. "It's so annoying how something so essential can take such a long time..."

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