[Alpha Sports 103.1] Elder O'Toole Unleashes Rant on Alphas, Star Rookie Son

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[Alpha Sports 103.1] Elder O'Toole Unleashes Rant on Alphas, Star Rookie Son

Postby BigCed » January 31st, 2019, 1:23 pm

Elder O’Toole Unleashes Rant on Alphas, Star Rookie Son
By Alpha Sports 103.1 Staff

Yesterday afternoon, longtime Boston sportswriter and radio host Cedric O’Toole was a guest on our air. As we learned, he has strong opinions about the state of the Albany Alphas, to put it mildly.

Host Richard Wyvern, a veteran Capital region sportswriter in his own right, decided to break the ice by asking O’Toole for his thoughts on the Alphas season so far.

Wyvern: So Cedric, I’m sure you’re keeping tabs on how the Alphas are doing, with your son on the team. And back in December, this team put together a solid win on national TV. But wins have still been hard to come by. Would you say this team is making progress, or is there still work to do here?”

True to his “call them as I see them” mantra, O’Toole did not hold back.

O’Toole: Well… you know what, I’m not going to sugarcoat this… I don’t give a damn about their win on SportsDen over Arizona, that’s hardly a mean feat… I honestly think this team has hardly improved at all over last year. And they were the worst team in the league last year.

Wyvern: Do you believe they’ll finish with the league’s worst record again?

O’Toole: I think that’s a very real possibility, and the fact it is possible is a damn shame… look, no one said this team was going to be a title contender. But you spend over $100 million on two All Star caliber players, and you have the #1 overall pick in the draft, you should be able to compete. Especially considering most of the rest of the Eastern Conference stinks worse than Sterling’s pits.

O’Toole also expressed a complete lack of confidence in team owner/GM Jack Faris, and head coach Ryuta Faris-Tatsugami.

Wyvern: Fair to say you’re not a fan of new management either?

O’Toole: Well, to be fair, Faris is an improvement over Frump. But a bag of dog crap lit on fire is an improvement over that ass. The fact is Faris doesn’t know how to put together a roster. They have absolutely no depth, the platoon situation at center is a disgrace, and I don’t know what the hell he was thinking trading their first round pick for two deep reserve players. Plymouth’s front office laughed all the way back to Roots Garden after getting away with that grand larceny.

Wyvern: What about their head coach?

O’Toole: Ryuta? From what I can tell, he’s a spoiled rich kid who’s been given a dream job he’s completely unqualified for. How are the players supposed to take him seriously as their leader? He has no seniority, no accomplishments to speak of, he doesn’t even seem particularly basketball savvy. He’s not a hoop head. He’s a hoop dunce.

Wyvern: From what I understand from my sources, Ryuta didn’t even want the job.

O’Toole: That makes the decision to make him head coach even worse, and his father a bigger dunce than him.

O’Toole didn’t even spare his son, Terry O’Toole, the #1 overall pick in the 2018 FBA Draft.

Wyvern: Faris can’t be that dumb. He took your son first overall, that has to count for something.

O’Toole: I don’t give him any credit for that.

Wvyern: Come on, you can’t tell me you’re not proud of Terry.

O’Toole: Of course, I’m proud of my boy. I still pinch myself, to think that my son is in the FBA, that he’s one of the best basketball players in the world… That said, he should not have gone #1 on draft night. He shouldn’t even have been a lottery pick.

Wyvern: You honestly think there are at least eight rookies better than him, right now? With his moves, his range, his jumpshot?

O’Toole: Yes, he has a sweet shooting stroke, I’ve seen him hone it firsthand over the years. But he just can’t play defense to save his life. Not without fouling. And in today’s game, where being able to switch and communicate and not foul the shooter is so important, that makes him a liability.

Wyvern: That is a weakness in his game, I’ll give you that.

O’Toole: It’s worse than that. You add his struggles on defense with the fact that defenders have begun to figure him out, and he might just be playing his way out of a starting spot on the East Rookie All Star Team.

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