Pac's Specially Priced FBA Commissions

For all those who are looking for an artist or someone to art for.
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Pac's Specially Priced FBA Commissions

Postby Stefan Calico » May 15th, 2014, 11:29 pm

As copied from her user page on WikiFBA:
I believe every player deserves some visual representation, so I'm doing my best to make something affordable for everyone! I am offering discounted items specifically for FBA players. These are limited to current players (active players in the league or free agents/d-league characters still eligible for play) and future players (draft prospects, future draft prospects or players in the draft pool). These prices/items apply to players only (FBA-related characters like agents, staff, family, etc not applicable.)

Headshots: $10
1000 x 1000px alpha transparent PNG of character's head. Suitable for roster images, twitter icon, etc. Example

Player Portrait: $45
3000px width or height (whichever is longest) alpha transparent PNG of character from the lower waist up in jersey (or athletic gear) of choice. Can be posed or with basketball, but no additional props or non-basketball related material. Suitable for player's wiki portrait and promotional material. Example

Artwork Usage Agreement
Any FBA artwork, graphics, assets or designs I created has a "For the FBA, By the FBA" policy. Meaning these works are free to be used, altered, printed, distributed, etc by FBA contributors for FBA uses only. As long as you are a participant or involved in the FBA, and the works are being used for FBA purposes, you are allowed to use my FBA related works. Some work created have been paid commissions, so if the FBA image is not yours or is of someone else's character, check with the person who commissioned to work, or the character's owner, first before using it.

Contact me if interested! For general commission info or for more info on non-FBA works, go here.

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