Hector's Log 8-26-14 busy

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Hector's Log 8-26-14 busy

Postby Fraddas » August 26th, 2014, 5:26 pm

Been a busy few months. Spent two weeks in my home town of Huntsville, AL with my family. Brother is still glad we won the Buckner case. My sister is still trying to get a certain stoat to go on a date with her.....fat chance. My niece is getting bigger and dunked her firs basketball with a little assistance from yours truly, look out 2029 Draft. everyone else is good, and to my surprise my family has grown to love and root for my team along with the Mayors :o! Surprised me too.

During my time off and when I came back, I worked on drawing up some contracts. I sent one to Marcus Knight because he's got the potential to do great things for the team. he just needs a little bit of a push in the right direction. I also extended an offer to Blythe Nacht in Dakota because I heard buck talk a lot of good about him and I figured with him working on helping the team, he'd need someone other then Jack to talk to. I'm also making a gamble on trying to nab Victor Vos in FA if I can. Why three guards though?

I talked with Phil Gale, and he requested either a trade or no TXS contract this year. He told me he was ok when the clefs moved from Santa Cruz to Kansas City, and was comfortable with moving to Austin and us acquiring Buck Hopper, but somewhere in all that he felt he lost something he couldn't explain. I understood, but he said if anything else he'll be back for the 2015-2016 season.

I've also been focusing on the future of the team too, and that involves a lot of hard choices. two hard ones involved Nick And Dewitt. Nick came to me wanting to be bought out of his contract because of him and the coach butting heads with each other off court. I couldn't do it because of lack of funds to do so. So I used our lone Amnesty Clause on him. and Dewitt, I hope that isn't a choice I'll regret. Tennessee wanted him badly for there fresh start thingy. (long story there) Rhos better not disappoint and bring on the defense this season or I won't be a happy rat.

Final thought. We got the draft this weekend and I got two second round picks. I know who I want and I hope I draft them before they slip away, if not I got a back up plan. After that we're diving head first into practice for the season. and Just like the state of Texas, this year is going to be big.

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