After the Draft (Mikela Soros story)

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After the Draft (Mikela Soros story)

Postby JWolfman » August 31st, 2014, 10:52 pm

One advantage (or rather 'perk') that Mikela Soros (Caracal, LVG GM) had over all the other General Managers like herself in the FBA was that her home was just a short drive away from the FBA Amphitheater where the 2014 FBA Draft took place. The Veer Towers, located within The Strip of Paradise, Nevada, was probably a bit too sophisticated for her Panhandle-Floridian tastes, but her boss James Dynn insisted that she live there since he has a stake on the Veer Towers' property. Although the $370,000 price tag was extravagant for a condo that's only 562 square-feet with one bath, at least the view of the Vegas Strip was breathtaking from the Tower's 35th floor.

Mikela gazed upon the dazzling lights of the city from her balcony, one gloved-paw holding a glass of red wine while her other bare paw gripped the rail of the balcony. Ever since she took the job as General Manager of the Las Vegas Wildcards, it had been a whirlwind of half a year for her and the regular season hasn't even started yet. First came the cross-country move from Pensacola, Florida to Las Vegas, and she barely had time to settle in this sandy city of sin when she had to prepare for the Las Vegas Rookie Invitational event soon after the Rookie Combine. Then came the trades, especially an infamous one where she managed to grab Paul Teronura (Otter, C) from the defending championship team Tennessee Moonshiners, only to find out later that he decided to retire after a Team Physicial with vague results. Even at this moment, she felt stung by that.

But no matter, time to move on.

She sipped the wine, and a frown appeared on her face as her mind suddenly recycled what she observed earlier today during the FBA Draft. Julio Onca's announcement of retirement surprised her, and she wondered why he chose to withhold that until after he was traded to the Bikers. Such a shame too, she had every intention of keeping him for the next two years of his remaining contract, but there was that issue with the team budget. At least she got Barnaby Jazz (Shark, F/C) and a #12 Draft pick in return... Sebastian Kosciusko (Toucan, F) better be worth it, especially after also losing Wescot Yobia (Bintoroung, F/C). That bird was the top priority for the team's Draft list after all. So much sacrifice of the team to hinge hopes on a prospect and a rookie that caused media controversy during last season's Dunk Contest, of all things to be infamous for.

"Damnit..." She muttered with a sigh, tipping the glass to let the wine pour off the balcony and not caring where the liquid would land thirty-five floors below. Once the last of the liquid trickled off, she sighed again and simply tossed the whole glass off the balcony anyway. She walked back into her condo, peeling her black elbow-length glove off to reveal the fur-less scars and burn marks that stretch from her fingers to the elbow itself. A high price for damaging a Chinese Ming Dynasty vase with crayons and getting caught doing it by ultra-religious grandparents that never liked her to begin with. She grimaced slightly, her other healthy-intact paw gripping the scarred flesh as it itched. She incoherently muttered another curse, rubbing the itchy spot softly to prevent the skin from crackling until she braved through the temptation to rake her arm with claws. As if by routine, she reached for a bottle of prescribed cream from the kitchen counter and quickly applied the gooey liquid on her arm...

Her phone rang, provoking the tufts on her feline ears to sway-twitch as she turned her head to face it with an annoyed huff. Grabbing it with the scarred paw, she looked at the Caller ID and grunted in response before pressing the button on Speaker. "Hey Theo..." She said, placing the phone back on the counter in order to resume rubbing her arm with cream.

"Heya babe," the male cheetah voice of Theodore Russo answered. "You alright? I haven't been able to see you lately."

Mikela huffed. "I'm fine, I guess. Just been a hella busy... more so tonight than usual. You know why."

"Heh... well, I got a bit of bad news on the Free Agency front. Lukas Sangre (Dire Wolf, F) rejected your offer, despite being the one with the most money. He's going to San Jose."

Mikela shook her head. "Figures. I was hoping he would be able to bolster the team's Forward positions in the depth... but fine. What about Stefan Kikovic (Porcupine, C)?"

"I haven't heard anything from him yet."

"And Pura Doris Quaatsch (Zebra, G)?"

"Nothing from her about our offer to her yet either."

She scowled at the phone. "Remind them gently to make their decisions quickly, hm? I hate waiting."

"Heh... what about Dylan Red--"

Mikela quickly cut him off. "We're not changing the terms of our contract to him. Our budget's weak as it is."

"How about we invite him then? See if he can have a personal talk with you."

She rolled her eyes. "We can't compete with Edmonton's offer for that deer. Or Winnipeg's."

"Can't hurt to try, right?"

"Oy... fine. Contact Becky, have her contact Redfield's agent. Also, what about Regulus Lowenthal (Gryphon, F/G)?"

"...... What about him, Mikela?"

"I notified the Commissioner earlier tonight that I'm seeking to bring him in with a contract. Any news on that end yet?"

"If I had any, I would tell you. Pretty sure the Commissioner's swamped right now."

"Right..." She sighed and grabbed a towel to wipe her paws dry. Keeping the phone's audio on speaker, she grabbed it before walking into the living room, flopping her exhausted body onto a couch with a notable fwump.

"Tired, baby?"

"What do you think?" Mikela snapped back and then sighed again. "And the preseason hasn't even started yet."

"It'll only get harder from here."

Mikela tossed the phone onto another cushion of the couch and she leaned back to slouch lazily. "Do General Managers take vacations? I mean... it's the off-season and I've never been this busy before in my life."

"Don't think about a vacation until after your first season's over. By then you will adjust completely."

"That better happen... not sure how much more I can take this shit," she said, massaging her forehead.

"You'll adjust! You're a strong feline, that's what I love you about."

Mikela snerked. "Good thing to know. It's not due to my curvy figure?"

"You have a curvy figure?" He joked.

Mikea frowned and noisily tapped on the phone screen, giving him clues that she's about to hang up.

"Okay okay! Just kidding, yeesh!"

Mikela huffed and grabbed her glove, carefully putting it back on to cover her ruined arm. "Is that all you're gonna call me about? Bad news about Free Agents?"

"Yeah... sorry. Want dinner together with me at your place? I know how to cook a mean chicken pasta dish."

"Hmph, a private Italian dinner with a cheetah reporter?" She mused on it for a few moments. "Okay, but bring Alfredo sauce."

"Sure thing, babe! OH! I forgot... you know that guy Hector Lewis (Rat, GM)?"

"The Lone Stars General Manager? What about him?"

"He wants to have a friendly brunch with you tomorrow morning."

"Oh... yeah, sure. Tell him I'll be there."

"Alright. Have a good sleep, you need it."

"Yeah... night, hon," Mikela said and pressed the button to hang up. She groaned, the caracal casually tossing the phone onto the coffee table in front of her so that she could lay across the couch. "So tired..."

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