A New Trial

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A New Trial

Postby Nightfire » October 9th, 2014, 8:43 pm

The New Pride

With the preseason in full swing, the Newark Pride seem to be in full swing as their new General manager seem changing everything he felt is wrong. The team seemed to be taking it in stride as Valencia been making sure Nightfire isn’t allow to be on the training floor. Nightfire yawned as the elevator doors opened and he heads to his office, he grabbed the already waiting coffee on the secretary desk as she smiles “morning sir”

“I hate mornings…. Too bright.” Nightfire grumbled sipping the coffee.

“Well so you know.” Krystal began to say following after Nightfire.

Nightfire opened the office door to see Felicia there with a not so happy look on her face. He sipped his coffee again turning back to Krystal.

“Not even a warning huh?” Nightfire said calmly sipping his coffee.

“I was going to tell you, but you like to barge in all the time, next time I am just going to staple the note to your head in the morning.” Krystal fumed.

“If you two are quite finished” Felicia said “Mr. Kitsura can you explain to me why I am paying two million dollars to the state of New York?!”

Nightfire blinked for a moment. “O…….OOOOH right right. I was going to run it past you but you gave me full control so I thought we were cool”

“We are NOT COOL!” Felicia roared.

Nightfire quickly tried to defuse the situation “look you said I had full control”

“OF THE TEAM NOT MY POCKETBOOK!” she yelled as she grabbed Nightfire’s tie and pull him down to look him in the eye “now I won’t ask again… where my money went?”

Nightfire acks and coughed “choking.. choking”

Felicia growls as Nightfire quickly said “it not for me it was for the team. I had to start rebuilding the image!”

Felicia let him go “what you mean rebuild the image, we are doing fine we just needed new players.”

Nightfire goes over to his desk and pull out a stack of paper “really? Have you look at our numbers in the past 2 years. Attendance down 10%, sales down 25%, even our regular season ticket holder has stopped buying season passes and just pay for the games they want to go to.”

Felicia paused for a moment “h—how you get that?”

“Because I am not just simple squnx that why. Look the “curse” has taken a toll on this team, fans are losing faith in another championship run, and Val isn’t getting any younger. With Crystal staying at Williamburg, our chances of a good run has dwindle with some players not wanting to come here.” Nightfire explained. “Look New Jersey is nice and all but it has its own reputation and we are the team that in it. We have though a pool of New York fans that we can get to come watch us if we can get in touch with them. It time we step out of our bubble and start looking at the pride in a new light.”

“But that doesn’t explain what you doing with two million of our money.” Felicia growled about ready to speak her mind. Nightfire seeing this quickly goes to his desk and opened a drawer pulling out a map of New York.

“There is a historic park in new York that has been the staple for many fur basketball players in the Northeast area. Rucker Park used to hold a special place for furs not just athletes but for young stars that didn’t have the funds to prove their worth. We have Underwood College, but even then some furs still get buried. I want to rekindle that park, a place where fans and aspiring stars can meet the players, they get to play some street ball and the FBA, especially the Pride can reconnect to the community.”

Felicia took a moment to look at the map then takes a look at the data. “h-how, where we get these?” She paused for a moment “I honestly—“she tried to come up with the proper way to justify these numbers.

Nightfire goes over and sit at his desk “what? You think when I was on the Rapids I just make jokes and dress up in a toga for flare? I understand the concept of a business Ms. Denton and right now we have to restore the faith of our fans to this team. They not going to constantly come to our game if they know all that going to happen is that the Pride going to choke at the post-season”

Felicia set down the papers. She took a moment to contemplate what Nightfire is suggesting. “So who are we inviting? What will we do?”

“I have that covered, I been planning this idea for months, right now I am just making sure the players have proper hotels and good security. Oh and I have to run it past the commissioner, just at least let him know what going on.” Nightfire said as he takes out his phone and send a text.

“Seriously you haven’t told him yet?!” Felicia asked surprised as her phone ring.

“We are friends, I am sure if I send him an email he won’t mind.” Nightfire nodded as he motion for her to pick up the phone. Felicia answered and put her paw over the phone “I have to take this, but you going to explain to me in detail of what we are doing when I am done.”

“Of course” Nightfire said as he waits for Felicia to leave and let out a deep sigh. “Good, well that blew over well.”

Felicia peeked back in “also that two million will be subtracted from your earnings for the year.” She smiled and leaves.

Nightfire scrambled out of his chair and chases after her. “What?! That likes almost all my money. Ms. Denton you can’t be serious!!!”

“Super serious, unless you can convince me otherwise” Felicia as she walked down the hall.

“Oh come on! Now you’re just playing with me. Boss lady, come on… you can’t do this.” Nightfire continues to follow after her as the start of something new began at this club.

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