2011 FBA Draft

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The 2011 FBA Draft was held on October 22nd, 2011.

Current Order

(as of 10/22/11)

  1. Huntsville Mayors (traded from WPG)
  2. Winnipeg Voyageurs (traded from HNT)
  3. Williamsburg Minutemen (traded from PIT)
  4. Tallahassee Typhoons (traded from KCC)
  5. Montana Howlers (traded from DES)
  6. Santa Ana Spectrums (traded from IDA)
  7. Biloxi Mudpuppies (traded from DES from MON from ALB)
  8. Bangor Tides
  9. Idaho Mounties (traded from SAS)
  10. Des Moines Blanks (traded from BLX)
  11. Pittsburgh Keystones (traded from WIL)
  12. Newark Pride
  13. Spokane Rapids (traded from GAL)
  14. Des Moines Blanks (traded from MON from SFW)
  15. Kansas City Clefs (traded from TAL)
  16. Alaska Arctics
  17. Tennessee Moonshiners
  18. Plymouth Taproots
  19. Des Moines Blanks (traded from MON)
  20. Idaho Mounties (traded from SPO)
  21. Lorain Firestorm
  22. Santa Fe Whips (traded from STA)
  23. Idaho Mounties (traded from BAL)
  24. Dakota Bikers
  25. Kansas City Clefs
  26. Alaska Arctics (traded from WPG)
  27. Winnipeg Voyageurs (traded from ALK from HNT)
  28. Pittsburgh Keystones
  29. Bangor Tides (traded from IDA)
  30. Santa Ana Spectrums (traded from SPO from IDA from BDF)
  31. Albany Alphas
  32. Williamsburg Minutemen (traded from BAL from DES)
  33. Spokane Rapids (traded from IDA from DES from SAS)
  34. Des Moines Blanks (traded from BLX)
  35. Williamsburg Minutemen (traded from KCC from WIL)
  36. Newark Pride
  37. Santa Fe Whips (traded from GAL)
  38. Santa Fe Whips
  39. Tallahassee Typhoons
  40. Alaska Arctics
  41. Santa Ana Spectrums (traded from TEN)
  42. Plymouth Taproots
  43. Winnipeg Voyageurs (traded from MON)
  44. Des Moines Blanks (traded from SPO)
  45. Idaho Mounties (traded from LOR)
  46. Baltimore Spirits (traded from IDA from DES from SAS from STA)
  47. Baltimore Spirits
  48. Dakota Bikers

Top 24 Picks

  1. Zoie Wilds - African Hunting Dog, Female, Swingman (G/F)
  2. Nina Lime - Wolf, Female, Guard (G)
  3. Ain Iannizzi - Cougar, Male, Forward (F)
  4. Darius Cole - Alligator, Male, Bigman (F/C)
  5. Craig Reinhardt - Black Panther, Male, Bigman (F/C)
  6. Li Ho Fook - Red Panda, Male, Guard (G)
  7. Rachel Barsky - Alaskan Malamute, Female, Forward (F)
  8. Chester Blackwater - American Alligator, Male, Swingman (G/F)
  9. Remy Belgique - Dog (Belgian Tervuren),Male, Swingman (G/F)
  10. Richard Maxwell - Deer, Male, Forward (F)
  11. David Denvir - Cat, Male, Center (C)
  12. Sammy Sickstra - Cougar, Male, Swingman (G/F)
  13. Aristotle T. Zechariah - English Mastiff, Male, Center (C)
  14. Ron Williamson - Skunk, Male, Forward (F)
  15. Louise Ellenberger - Brown Swiss Cow, Female, Bigman (F/C)
  16. Scott Parsons - Otter, Male, Guard (G)
  17. Terrell Vora - Honey Badger, Male, Forward (F)
  18. Constantine Jones - Raven, Male, Center (C)
  19. Erin Wilcox - Spirit Bear, Female, Bigman (F/C)
  20. Hasim Abdul-Wahad - Giraffe, Male, Bigman (F/C)
  21. Kamakani Iona - Red Panda, Male, Swingman (G/F)
  22. Zenzuela Setheren - Taur Leopardess, Female, Center (C)
  23. Haku Panther - Panther, Male, Swingman (G/F)
  24. Walter Calloway - Sheep, Male, Guard (G)

On The Cusp

In The Pool

Draft Results

  1. Nina Lime (Wolf, G, HNT)
  2. Zoie Wilds (African Hunting Dog, G/F, WPG)
  3. Ain Iannizzi (Cougar, F, WIL)
  4. Remy Belgique (Dog [Belgian Tervuren], G/F, TAL)
  5. Rachel Barsky (Alaska Malamute, F, MON)
  6. Li Ho Fook (Red Panda, G, SAS)
  7. Louise Ellenberger (Brown Swiss Cow, F/C, BLX)
  8. Darius Cole (Alligator, F/C, BGR)
  9. Craig Reinhardt (Black Panther, F/C, IDA)
  10. Scott Parsons (Otter, G, DES)
  11. Chester Blackwater (American Alligator, G/F, PIT)
  12. Sammy Sickstra (Cougar, G/F, NWK)
  13. Kamakani Iona (Red Panda, G/F, SPO)
  14. Zenzuela Setheren (Taur Leopardess, C, DES)
  15. Aristotle T. Zechariah (English Mastiff, C, KCC)
  16. Constantine Jones (Raven, C, ALK)
  17. Ron Williamson (Skunk, F, TEN)
  18. David Denvir (Cat, C, PLY)
  19. Haku Panther (Panther, G/F, DES)
  20. Erin Wilcox (Spirit Bear, F/C, IDA)
  21. Hasim Abdul-Wahad (Giraffe, F/C, LOR)
  22. Richard Maxwell (Deer, F, SFW)
  23. Walter Calloway (Sheep, G, IDA)
  24. Terrell Vora (Honey Badger, F, DAK)
  25. Jada Minucci (Siberian Husky, G, KCC)
  26. Jakob Spitz (Finnish Spitz, G, ALK)
  27. Antony Rufkin (Fennec Fox Taur, F, WPG)
  28. Shawn Berg (Bernese Mountain Dog, C, PIT)
  29. Ericka Layland (White Mare, G/F, BGR)
  30. Daius Aurelias (Lion, F/C, SAS)
  31. Holly Barker (Boxer Dog, G/F, ALB)
  32. Tina McCall (Fennec Fox, G, WIL)
  33. Phil Grandon (Mouse, G, SPO)
  34. Justin Links (Yorkshire Terrier, G/F, DES)
  35. Jason Peterson (Spotted Hyena, C, WIL)
  36. Dhyana Kapur (Uguduwa [Asian Palm Civet], G, NWK)
  37. Vincent Maraundi (Caracal, G/F, SFW)
  38. Ivana Tretiak (Polar Bear, F/C, SFW)
  39. Rudiger Schoenwaldd (Badger, F, TAL)
  40. Scott Paulichek (Fisher, F, ALK)
  41. Roxanne Proctor (Fossa, G/F, SAS)
  42. Jonathan Sirhan (Lion, G/F, PLY)
  43. Sonja Tinker (Skunk, F/C, WPG)
  44. Sven Ketsoian (European Otter, G, DES)
  45. Victor Chiroptera (Vampire Bat, G/F, IDA)
  46. Clarice Hart (Maine Coon Cat, F, BAL)
  47. Caspian Rhos (Pembroke Welsh Corgi, C, BAL)
  48. Fenruss Brylee (Black Wolf, F/C, DAK)

Notable undrafted players

These players were not selected during the 2011 FBA Draft but have played at least a game in the FBA.