2012 FBA Season/11.11.09

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Wednesday, November 9
ALK Button ALK.png 101
SPO Button SPO.png 126 W Cave logo.png
BGR Button BGR.png 112
PLY Button PLY.png 120 W Cave logo.png
DES 70px 111 W
KCC 70px 104 Cave logo.png
HNT Button HNT.png 79 W
ALB Button ALB.png 70 Cave logo.png
MON Button MON.png 123 W
STA 70px 114 Cave logo.png
NWK Button NWK.png 118
SFW Button SFW.png 120 W Cave logo.png
TAL Button TAL.png 108 W
GAL 70px 100 Cave logo.png
TEN Button TEN.png 96
BLX 70px 108 W Cave logo.png
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Daily Summary

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Alaska Arctics @ Spokane Rapids

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F
Arctics 28 21 29 23 101
Rapids 28 43 27 28 126


Officials: Richard Rohlwing #40, Lucinda Anthony #31, Martin Rosario #12
Arena: The Lilac Dome - Spokane, WA

Player of the Game: Alan Chesuk (Moose, C)


 Alan Chesuk

The Moose-and-Squirrel reunion kicked off with a dominating game at home as the Frost Giant put Force Field into early foul trouble, limiting his minutes en route to a massive deficit at halftime that the visiting Arctics could not close up.

INJURED: Julia Fernández (Kinkajou, G) was injured (Wrist) and is expected to miss 1 game.

Bangor Tides @ Plymouth Taproots

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F
Tides 32 21 27 32 112
Taproots 26 31 30 33 120


Officials: Vernon Hill #22, George Headstrom #8, Kendrick Manson #32
Arena: Roots Garden - Plymouth, MA

Player of the Game: Cheeto Wolfote (Wolfote, G)


 Cheeto Wolfote

Defense was somewhat inconsistent in this divisional showcase between the Committee and the relocated Tides, with the raccoon duo of Sanford Teeson (Raccoon, G) and Marko Sly (Raccoon, F) able to outperform the Macon brothers for the double-digit win.

Des Moines Blanks @ Kansas City Clefs

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F
Blanks 32 24 25 30 111
Clefs 21 36 25 22 104


Officials: Fred Kimteech #11, Theresa Millen #42, Sharon Janzen #24
Arena: Midland Ballroom - Kansas City, MO

Player of the Game: Christopher Zwischenberger (Tabby Cat, F)


 Christopher Zwischenberger

A back-and-forth match between the two Midwest Division teams that missed last year's playoffs ended in victory for the visiting Blanks when the Clefs couldn't hold onto their one-point lead through the final quarter.

Huntsville Mayors @ Albany Alphas

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F
Mayors 16 23 24 16 79
Alphas 11 25 19 15 70


Officials: Tim Young #16, Esther Haines #36, Frank Talum #9
Arena: Farigami Park - Albany, NY

Player of the Game: Bailey Brisbane (Catahoula Leopard Hound, G)


 Bailey Brisbane

Frump Coliseum erupted in cheers when Carl Esteban (Jaguar, G/F) arrived late in the first quarter following the house arrest incident in Puerto Rico, but despite his team's defensive efforts the Mayors emerged victorious.

Montana Howlers @ Stanislaus Thrust

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F
Howlers 26 28 29 40 123
Thrust 32 18 35 29 114


Officials: Johnny Carp #6, Pierre Laroche #21, Diego Romero #3
Arena: Rabbit Valley Pavilion - Modesto, CA

Player of the Game: Andy Raine (Black Bear, F)


 Andy Raine

After the hometown fans celebrated the raising of the championship banner to the rafters of Rabbit Valley Pavilion, they left somewhat disappointed when the largely unchanged roster of the Howlers poured on the offense in the fourth quarter en route to a nine-point win.

Newark Pride @ Santa Fe Whips

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F
Pride 25 36 31 26 118
Whips 26 31 30 33 120


Officials: Eddie Bergman #26, Rocco Williams #18, Ralph Gayle #35
Arena: Pueblo Coliseum - Santa Fe, NM

Player of the Game: Godfrey Zindendel (Goat, F)


 Godfrey Zindendel

With the gap never stretching past five points in favor of either team, it was the veteran Alyssia Silverman (Red Vixen, G) with the crucial block on the final shot attempt by Valencia Zeraus (Lioness, G) that saved the Whips' slim two-point win over the Pride.

Tallahassee Typhoons @ Galveston Sand Dollars

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F
Typhoons 27 24 32 25 108
Sand Dollars 17 28 33 22 100


Officials: Natasha Giovanna #14, Jeremiah Waller #10, Carmen Santoligo #39
Arena: The G.O. Moody House - Galveston, TX

Player of the Game: Jake Velox (Swift Fox, G)


 Jake Velox

Jake Velox (Swift Fox, G) was a fox on a mission to prove himself against the team that he turned down a contract from, outscoring everyone on the night as the Typhoons grabbed an early lead over the Sand Dollars and never looked back.

Tennessee Moonshiners @ Biloxi Mudpuppies

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F
Moonshiners 31 22 19 24 96
Mudpuppies 36 16 25 31 108


Officials: Alex Trenor #7, Zack Lightfang #43, Vonne de la Fresca #38
Arena: Crawdad Park - Biloxi, MS

Player of the Game: Barton Rouge (Red Fox, G)


 Barton Rouge

Despite going into halftime down by a single point, the hosting Mudpuppies had more energy in their tanks to pull away from the persistent team efforts of the visiting Moonshiners. <comments />