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Tuesday, December 27
ALK Button ALK.png 104
MON Button MON.png 113 W Cave logo.png
BGR Button BGR.png 100
KCC 70px 116 W Cave logo.png
DES 70px 110
NWK Button NWK.png 122 W Cave logo.png
HNT Button HNT.png 105 W
TAL Button TAL.png 102 Cave logo.png
LOR Button LOR.png 95
WPG Button WPG.png 120 W Cave logo.png
PIT Button PIT.png 87
TEN Button TEN.png 102 W Cave logo.png
SAS Button SAS.png 96
WIL Button WIL.png 116 W Cave logo.png
SPO Button SPO.png 108 W
DAK Button DAK.png 98 Cave logo.png
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Daily Summary

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Alaska Arctics @ Montana Howlers

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F
Arctics 24 27 29 24 104
Howlers 22 33 26 32 113


Officials: Harry Botsa #27, Aurora Mambaro #30, Zack Lightfang #43
Arena: Treasure State Arena - Billings, MT

Player of the Game: Shane Rufus (Red Wolf, G)


 Shane Rufus

Not even the controversy over sleeping with the 18-year-old daughter of an FBA head coach can slow down Fang. The big wolf won Player of the Game honors for his tough, consistent play-- for 3 quarters. Fang all but vanished in the fourth, leaving Paul Shepherd (German Shepherd, G) to pick up the slack. And Rachel Barsky (Alaskan Malamute, F) just might be Rodger Umaechi's (Husky, F) worst nightmare. The rookie refused to quit defending Alaska's star player, and while Dasher hit big shots, many of them were with some big paws in his muzzle.


Bangor Tides @ Kansas City Clefs

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F
Tides 25 18 26 31 100
Clefs 34 28 24 30 116


Officials: Martin Rosario #12, Dimitra Kyriakov #34, Ralph Gayle #35
Arena: Midland Ballroom - Kansas City, MO

Player of the Game: Brandon Dreyvus (Opossum, F)


 Brandon Dreyvus

The Clefs have some really weird chord progressions going on this year. One minute they're getting clobbered by every team in the league. The next, they're punching out 16-point wins against highly improved clubs like the Bantams. Brandon Dreyvus (Opossum, F) was outstanding tonight, holding back Harry Langdon (Bull, C/F) and the struggling Mika Ziggler (Otter, F/C) while delivering big plays down low for his team. Together with William Keen (Coyote, G/F) the Kansas City front court blew open the doors in the first and just kept ahead of Bangor. Even more heartbreaking was watching a frustrated L.V. McDyess (Black Panther, G) hit huge jumpshots and still not be able to stop the home team scoring.


Des Moines Blanks @ Newark Pride

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F
Blanks 27 27 25 31 110
Pride 24 35 25 38 122


Officials: Diego Romero #3, Samantha Homestead #17, Sal Muller #4
Arena: Newark Stadium - Newark, NJ

Player of the Game: Valencia Zeraus (Lioness, G)


 Valencia Zeraus

We're all thinking it. With the way Newark is playing this season, the club seems lined up to reach the Eastern Conference Finals for a fourth year in a row. But can they actually win it this time? Valencia Zeraus (Lioness, G) seems to think so as she went up against new Blank Margaret Walters (Spotted Hyena, G) for one of the most thrilling matchups tonight. Not only did the dynamic of two highly athletic women get the crowd pumping, but having a 'yena and a lioness battle it out got the Newark fans panting. But as has happened all year, the Blanks suffered from having the youngest team in the league, with their players clearly getting fatigued in the second and fourth quarters. The much more conditioned Pride hit hard in those quarters with Val getting big help from Lance Freewell (Clouded Leopard, C) and their own rookie Sammy Sickstra (Cougar, G/F).


Huntsville Mayors @ Tallahassee Typhoons

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F
Mayors 35 19 21 30 105
Typhoons 30 26 16 30 102


Officials: Tim Young #16, Wyatt Briggs #13, Lawrence Law #1
Arena: Merrill Palace - Tallahassee, FL

Player of the Game: Nicky Brown (Cockatoo, F)


 Nicky Brown

The most exciting game of the night, the lead in this match swung back and forth more than 20 times on the way to an action-packed, bucket-filled fourth frame. Klaus Korber (Doberman, G) was noticeably fatigued in the second half, with reports that he may have come down with a health problem during halftime. Regardless, the Dawg Pack picked up the slack with Jake Velox (Swift Fox, G) and Charles Yotechuk (Coyote, F) doing what they do best to keep the score close. But the Mayors got an unexpected boost from behind with Evan Ashton (Lion, F) coming off the bench to deliver big shots using his unorthodox shooting style, and Nicky Brown (Cockatoo, F) once again saving his best for last by blocking the final 3-point shot attempt from O-Town.


Lorain Firestorm @ Winnipeg Voyageurs

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F
Firestorm 22 28 24 21 95
Voyageurs 33 31 25 31 120


Officials: Eddie Bergman #26, Jeremiah Waller #10, Natasha Giovanna #14
Arena: Riverside Stadium - Winnipeg, MB

Player of the Game: Zoie Wilds (African Hunting Dog, G)


 Zoie Wilds

Winnipeg is making a case for themselves as the best expansion team in league history. Their 11-11 record may not impress jaded FBA fans, but for a team that was slapped together during a short off-season period, it's a stellar start. Much of that success is from the outstanding Zoie Wilds (African Hunting Dog, G) who once again led her team with solid, consistent play quarter after quarter. A 3rd quarter stall was the only scratch against her perfect game, but the bunnies stepped up as Bruce Bounder (Hare, G) and Dirk Von Stryker (German Giant Rabbit, C) hit the visiting Firestorm hard with outstanding team work in the second half. Lorain never managed to maintain a solid run throughout the game with Leonardo De Hugo (Lion, G), Gerry Cross (Mink, F/C) and Liam Armstrong (Rhinoceros, C) all having flashed of brilliance followed by crushing mediocrity. Time to rework your game plan, Firestorm.


Pittsburgh Keystones @ Tennessee Moonshiners

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F
Keystones 19 19 28 21 87
Moonshiners 24 23 23 32 102


Officials: Stevie Maxwell #33, Hoang Chen #37, Wesley Wasilowsky #41
Arena: The Still - Nashville, TN

Player of the Game: Barry Carpenter (Beaver, F)


 Barry Carpenter

Pittsburgh just replaced their entire coaching staff, and they looked it as they collapsed by 15 against the Moonshiners who have been just a shadow of themselves from last season. The club that blew away expectations by winning the Southern Division last year is languishing at #4. But when Chip Nelson (Chipmunk, G) and Huckens Storrs (Raccoon, F) find themselves unable to stop anything from Alan Murphy (Kangaroo, F) and Aragon Fisher (Otter, G) can't get his paws in the way of Gilbert Exen's (Lizard, G) deadly tailshots, you have to wonder how the home team won. I'll tell you how-- by taking advantage of Griff Rasputin (Kodiak Bear, C) being put out of position in the power forward spot. Barry Carpenter (Beaver, F) simply OWNED the big veteran, swatting down every shot attempt the bear tried to put up away from the low post. That's why #44 got player of the game.


Santa Ana Spectrums @ Williamsburg Minutemen

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F
Spectrums 27 23 19 27 96
Minutemen 25 28 32 31 116


Officials: Celia Strickland #28, Kasumi Katsuhito #2, Carmen Santoligo #39
Arena: Patriot Stadium - Williamsburg, VA

Player of the Game: Vera La Tiérra (Red Vixen, G)


 Vera La Tiérra

With back-to-back losses after going 18-2, the Williamsburg Minutemen had to be shaken returning home. But they didn't show it. Vera La Tiérra (Red Vixen, G) was beautiful as always, in both ways, clobbering the visiting Spectrums after a slow first quarter. She was likely inspired by Lance Cheval (Stallion, C) who almost got ejected in the first minute of play when he made a sexual gesture toward Vera during her free throw attempt. He was spared being cut when the team's new head coach sat down the horse for the rest of the quarter. But when he made another gesture late in the third, the officials had enough and sent him to the stables. While the frustration over dealing with the inappropriate behavior seemed to fire up Acrobata, it also appeared to fire up Leonard Mack (Fox, F/C), who viciously defended Cheval in the second and third quarters, as well as throw down some of his biggest, most aggressive dunks so far this season, including 3 alley-oop dunks lobbed by Vera.


Spokane Rapids @ Dakota Bikers

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F
Rapids 27 28 27 26 108
Bikers 18 34 27 19 98


Officials: Alex Trenor #7, Kio Splitzer #15, Lucinda Anthony #31
Arena: Sofawolf Stadium - Sioux Falls, SD

Player of the Game: Xavier Knutten (Squirrel, G/F)


 Xavier Knutten

INJURY: Xavier Knutten}} - Elbow, Out for 1 game

An earlier elbow injury flared up for FBA superstar Xavier Knutten (Squirrel, G/F) who was seen nursing his arm after a violent midair collision at the basket between him and Ryan Malone (Kangaroo, G). The big boomer was on fire tonight, getting big air and big points with a series of huge dunks. Despite the injury, Zip-Nut powered through the game, finishing big tonight to help secure the win in the fourth. He got a huge hand from the usually quiet Vincent Wei (Dhole, F) who kept positioning himself perfectly for the open looks, getting back door points and buckets off quick shots through the second half. Trainers later said Zip-Nut would have to rest his elbow for a game, though he should be fit to play after a short break.

And that's a swish.

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