2012 FBA Season/12.01.23

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Monday, January 23
HNT Button HNT.png 94
STA 70px 99 W Cave logo.png
IDA 70px 112
NWK Button NWK.png 133 W Cave logo.png
WPG Button WPG.png 90
GAL 70px 112 W Cave logo.png
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Daily Summary

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Huntsville Mayors @ Stanislaus Thrust

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F
Mayors 21 22 28 23 94
Thrust 21 26 29 23 99


Officials: Kasumi Katsuhito #2, Wesley Wasilowsky #41, Syed Nahle #29
Arena: Rabbit Valley Pavilion - Modesto, CA

Player of the Game: Randy Catcher (Bullfrog, G)


 Randy Catcher

With Doral (Gecko, SF) rumored to have made a comment that pushed head coach Don Von Wasser (Dolphin) to hand out a fine-- albeit, a small one-- it was striking that Doral didn't appear during pre-game warmups. So striking, I almost didn't notice that Randy Catcher (Bullfrog, PG) wasn't there either. The two finally arrived just seconds before player introductions, and it was impossible not to notice XL bouncing onto the court with wet hair. The Thrust were lucky that shi and Catcher decided to return-- in the end, their defense made the difference in a close match, holding back superstar John Stoat (Stoat, SG) and former Sauce player Mitch Diego (Kangaroo, SF). William Handon (Panther, C) was completely shut down by the returning Cletus Swinton (Pig, C) who seems to have settled down after his team-given suspension for demanding a trade. And Ryan Thatcher (American Beaver, G/F) totally outdid his fellow rodent, almost burying Ray Rodin (Rat, G/F) in the second half.

After a stellar PotG performance, reporters surrounded Dig 'Em about his fantastic second and third quarters, and why he showed up late to the game. While he nervously said he couldn't talk about it, Peter Conner (Cougar, PF)-- who did poorly tonight against Hassan Kamal (Camel, PF)-- admitted to walking in on the Dig 'Em and XL. "I've been told it's frog breeding season," the cougar said, trying hard not to be graphic. "And I guess with Doral's comment, it just got him excited. Uh-- I'll just say that the team trainers had to get us extra towels after the game."

Idaho Mounties @ Newark Pride

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F
Mounties 31 24 33 24 112
Pride 38 31 20 44 133


Officials: Kio Splitzer #15, Aurora Mambaro #30, James McConnaugh #19
Arena: Newark Stadium - Newark, NJ

Player of the Game: Sammy Sickstra (Cougar, G/F)


 Sammy Sickstra

Newark may not be at the top of the league, but they are far and away the strongest offense this season. No one is getting more 130+ point games than the Pride. They did it again tonight against the Mounties, who are still glowing after their stunning victory over Huntsville. We're used to seeing Valencia Zeraus (Lioness, PG) taking the player of the game honors, but rookie Sammy Sickstra (Cougar, SG) had a stunning performance tonight, hitting hard in his matchup against Sandy DiTullio (Golden Retriever, SG). Wescot Yobia (Binturong, PF) was outstanding and gave his team hope, but unless Stefan Kiković (Porcupine, C) can intimidate, there was no way the Mounties could steal this one.


Winnipeg Voyageurs @ Galveston Sand Dollars

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F
Voyageurs 24 27 16 23 90
Sand Dollars 31 26 27 28 112


Officials: Johnny Carp #6, Ralph Gayle #35, Kendrick Manson #32
Arena: The G.O. Moody House - Galveston, TX

Player of the Game: JTigerclaw (Tiger, G)



First round draft picks met tonight as Zoie Wilds (African Hunting Dog, PG) and JTigerclaw (Tiger, PG) went toe-to-toe. Both were sensational, but JT gave the crowd a scare when a mid-air double clutch against Dirk Von Stryker (German Giant Rabbit, C) ended with the tiger losing balance and landing on his back. He had to be helped off the court just before halftime and missed the entire third quarter. But Sarah Lancaster (Cheetah, SG) picked up the slack while rookie Sharon Sawchuck (Cougar, G/F) dished out formidable defense to the Voyageurs. JT then came back in the fourth and played like nothing had happened, taking over the final frame in a big way.

And that's a swish.

--T.matt.L <comments />