2014 FBA Draft

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The 2014 FBA Draft was held on August 31, 2014.

Draft Order

  1. Hawaii Kahunas
  2. Seattle Summit (from HNT from ALB from HNT)
  3. Huntsville Mayors (from TXS from SEA)
  4. Montana Howlers
  5. Biloxi Voodoo
  6. Santa Ana Spectrums (from LVG)
  7. Pittsburgh Keystones
  8. Hawaii Kahunas (from ALB)
  9. Bangor Tides
  10. Newark Pride
  11. Edmonton Totems (from SPO)
  12. Las Vegas Wildcards (from DAK from BAL)
  13. Williamsburg Minutemen
  14. Edmonton Totems (from SJT)
  15. Lorain Firestorm
  16. Tallahassee Typhoons
  17. San Jose Thrust (from DAK)
  18. Bangor Tides (from SAS)
  19. Alaska Arctics (from EDM)
  20. Tennessee Moonshiners
  21. Alaska Arctics
  22. Santa Fe Whips
  23. Huntsville Mayors (from PLY)
  24. Winnipeg Voyageurs
  25. Hawaii Kahunas
  26. Texas Lone Stars (from HNT)
  27. Texas Lone Stars
  28. Montana Howlers
  29. Hawaii Kahunas (from BLV)
  30. Albany Alphas (from SAS from LVG)
  31. Dakota Bikers (from PIT)
  32. Tallahassee Typhoons (from ALB)
  33. Bangor Tides
  34. Newark Pride
  35. Dakota Bikers (from SPO)
  36. Baltimore Spirits
  37. Tallahassee Typhoons (from WIL)
  38. Bangor Tides (from SJT)
  39. Lorain Firestorm
  40. Williamsburg Minutemen (from TAL)
  41. Dakota Bikers
  42. San Jose Thrust (from HNT from SAS)
  43. Montana Howlers (from EDM)
  44. Tennessee Moonshiners
  45. Hawaii Kahunas (from ALK)
  46. Santa Fe Whips
  47. Plymouth Taproots
  48. Winnipeg Voyageurs

Top Draft Prospects

The following players were selected by the FBA as the Top 24 of the 2014 Draft Candidates. They were given invitations to the 2014 Combine Challenge, a showcase of two games featuring all 24 of the players.


After getting injured in a car crash, Goulten had to excuse himself from the Combine Challenge. On August 15, 2014, Ren Inoue was announced as Goulten's substitute for the game.

Removed from the draft

Draft candidate Damian Williams tested positive for performance enhancing drugs after his dominating performance at the the 2014 draft showcase. Damian was forcibly removed from the 2014 draft eligible players list and has been placed on the FBA's ineligible players list. An appeal can be requested after 1 year on 8/30/2015.

2014 FBA Rookie Showcase Combine

The 2014 Draft Candidate Combine was held on Sunday, August 17, 2014. Two games were played between two teams formed by the Top 24 picks, chosen by the League Committee. You can read more about the game here:

2014 Draft Candidate Combine

League Ranking

Upon the conclusion of the combine challenge, the league released their official rankings of the 24 players that participated in the two games.

  1. Hiroyuki Matsuura
  2. Shirley Takamoto
  3. Sebastian Kosciusko
  4. Aurora Goldshine
  5. Clifford Carlin
  6. Jake Turner
  7. Warren Doyle
  8. LaShawn Grandon
  9. Baltasár Torrealba y Toboso
  10. Edwin Griega
  11. Adam Tevela
  12. Amelia Odessa Springer
  13. Damian Williams
  14. Ricardo Rodrigues
  15. Robert Munteanu
  16. Cassidy Whitelatch
  17. Ren Inoue
  18. Aditya Anggun
  19. Roni Fulton
  20. Andi Sekforde
  21. Wesley Lachs
  22. Sarah Michelle Dunbar
  23. Tanya Feckle
  24. Apiatan Redmane

Draft Results

  1. Aurora Goldshine (Yellow Cobra, G) - Drafted by Hawaii Kahunas
  2. Jake Turner (Red Fox, C/F) - Drafted by Seattle Summit
  3. Hiroyuki Matsuura (Shrike, C/F) - Drafted by Huntsville Mayors
  4. Baltasár Torrealba y Toboso (Aldabra Giant Tortoise, C/F) - Drafted by Montana Howlers
  5. Warren Doyle (Spotted Hyena/Coyote, G/F) - Drafted by Biloxi Voodoo
  6. Aditya Anggun (Balinese Civet, G) - Drafted by Santa Ana Spectrums
  7. Shirley Takamoto (Jaguar, F/G) - Drafted by Pittsburgh Keystones
  8. Julian Cross-Kiraly (Saluki, G) - Drafted by Hawaii Kahunas
  9. Clifford Carlin (Dog, G) - Drafted by Bangor Tides
  10. Adam Tevela (Linsang, F) - Drafted by Newark Pride
  11. Amelia Odessa Springer (Goat, F) - Drafted by Edmonton Totems
  12. Sebastian Kosciusko (Toucan, F) - Drafted by Las Vegas Wildcards
  13. Mikaylah Marley (Albino Wolfbat, G) - Drafted by Williamsburg Minutemen
  14. Casey Rucks (Brown Hyena, G/F) - Drafted by Edmonton Totems
  15. Edwin Griega (Canada Goose, F) - Drafted by Lorain Firestorm
  16. Ren Inoue (Tosa Inu, G) - Drafted by Tallahassee Typhoons
  17. Benjamin Durby (Fallow Deer, C/F) - Drafted by San Jose Thrust
  18. Hal Dufrain (American Alligator, F/C) - Drafted by Bangor Tides
  19. Phinneas Ishmael Wilson (Great White Shark, C/F) - Drafted by Alaska Arctics
  20. Roni Fulton (Raccoon, G) - Drafted by Tennessee Moonshiners
  21. Valentine Prudhomme (Black Fox, G) - Drafted by Alaska Arctics
  22. Trent St. Croix (Polar Bear, C) - Drafted by Santa Fe Whips
  23. Josh Green (Squirrel, F/G) - Drafted by Huntsville Mayors
  24. Kevin Malka (Giant Pangolin, F) - Drafted by Winnipeg Voyageurs
  25. Tanya Feckle (Gerenuk, F/G) - Drafted by Hawaii Kahunas
  26. Wesley Lachs (Sockeye Salmon, F) - Drafted by Texas Lone Stars
  27. Ahti Nereus (White Sturgeon, C) - Drafted by Texas Lone Stars
  28. LaShawn Grandon (Badger, F) - Drafted by Montana Howlers
  29. Jirra Martin (Peacock Jumping Spider, G) - Drafted by Hawaii Kahunas
  30. Apiatan Redmane (Water Buffalo, G) - Drafted by Albany Alphas
  31. Andi Sekforde (Skunk, F) - Drafted by Dakota Bikers
  32. Trent Mosley (Elk, C/F) - Drafted by Tallahassee Typhoons
  33. Kelly Sprach (Panda, F) - Drafted by Bangor Tides
  34. Youssef Goulten (Spring Hare, F/G) - Drafted by Newark Pride
  35. Cassidy Whitelatch (Border Collie, C/F) - Drafted by Dakota Bikers
  36. Sarah Michelle Dunbar (Mountain Hare, G) - Drafted by Baltimore Spirits
  37. Brad Pullman (Bald Eagle, F) - Drafted by Tallahassee Typhoons
  38. Eldred Darragh (Black Shuck, F/C) - Drafted by Bangor Tides
  39. Valentin Montenegro (Llama/Vicuna, G) - Drafted by Lorain Firestorm
  40. Rebecca McCloud (Red Fox, C/F) - Drafted by Williamsburg Minutemen
  41. Robert Munteanu (Ram, G) - Drafted by Dakota Bikers
  42. Shannon Hickman (Kangaroo Rat, G) - Drafted by San Jose Thrust
  43. Ricardo Rodrigues (Black Barbary Lion, G) - Drafted by Montana Howlers
  44. Hank Sawyer (Virginia Opossum, G) - Drafted by Tennessee Moonshiners
  45. Christiaan Hengst (Friesian Horse, C/F) - Drafted by Hawaii Kahunas
  46. Iver Drake (Siberian Tiger, G) - Drafted by Santa Fe Whips
  47. Jordan McGrath-Alidis (White Rabbit, F) - Drafted by Plymouth Taproots
  48. Tanner Muldoon (American Badger, C/F) - Drafted by Winnipeg Voyageurs

Notable Undrafted Players

These players were not selected in the 2014 FBA Draft, but were signed afterwards per the league minimum contract.

Detailed Draft Pool Statistics can be found at here.