2015 FBA Draft

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The 2015 FBA Draft was held on August 30, 2015, from 3pm CDT until 8pm CDT.

Draft Order

  1. ALB (from TEN)
  2. TEN (from BLV and ALK and ALB)
  3. LOR
  4. SJT
  5. NWK
  6. MON (from LVG)
  7. TXS (from EDM)
  8. SFW
  9. BAL
  10. ALK (from HWI and ALB)
  11. WPG
  12. WIL
  13. BLV (from ALK)
  14. DAK
  15. DAK (from TXS)
  16. BGR
  17. SEA
  18. TAL
  19. ALK (from ALB)
  20. PLY
  21. WIL (from MON and BGR and LVG)
  22. PIT
  23. HNT
  24. SAS
  25. MON (from TEN)
  26. LOR
  27. SEA (from LVG)
  28. WIL (from SJT)
  29. TAL (from BLV and NWK and LVG and LOR)
  30. SFW (from NWK and ALK)
  31. EDM (from BAL and ALK)
  32. ALK (from SFW and ALB)
  33. TXS (from EDM and NWK)
  34. BAL (from HWI and ALK)
  35. WPG
  36. LVG (from WIL)
  37. LOR (from ALK)
  38. SJT (from DAK and BAL)
  39. TXS
  40. EDM (from BGR and MON)
  41. SFW (from TAL)
  42. PIT (from SEA)
  43. ALB
  44. PLY
  45. WIL (from MON)
  46. BAL (from PIT and SJT)
  47. HNT
  48. SAS

In the Pool

2015 Draft Combine

Additional invitations to the 2015 Draft Combine have been sent to each one of the following players who have had their applications reviewed and accepted. Due to the ongoing negotiations between the FBA Front Office and the FBPA, all contracted athletes and free agents in the league have been barred from attending the Combine.

(Please note: Accepted draftees can still be removed if a contributor violates the code of conduct or if league management -- commissioner or committee member(s) -- determine that a player has become unfit for entry into the league. Acceptance also does not guarantee that your submission will be drafted or even signed to a team, nor does it indicate that your player is up for top 24 consideration. Twitter/stories/art/content that develop your character's personality as well as portray some of their skills can help convince General Managers as they tend to look for and encourage active contributors.)

If you're not listed below, your application for this year's draft has not met the criteria for approval from the selection committee, though you may try again next year.

Also- please update the twitter sheet:


Top Draft Prospects

The following players were selected by the FBA as the Top 24 of the 2015 Draft Candidates. They were given invitations to the 2015 Combine Challenge, a showcase of two games featuring all 24 of the players.

Player Ranking

Upon the conclusion of the 2015 Draft Candidate Combine, FSPN released their official rankings of the Top 24 players that participated in the combine. At the end of the Combine Challenge, the league front office and other reporters provided their own lists as well.

Rank Official FBA Rank FSPN: The Hoop Zane Donovan Jonathon
Patrick Suarez Christopher Whalen Max Geoffrey
1 Derek Kim Christine Harfurd Christine Harfurd Christine Harfurd Derek Kim Derek Kim Derek Kim
2 Micah Davenport François Martineau Tryce Mallark François Martineau Micah Davenport Micah Davenport Micah Davenport
3 Christine Harfurd Micah Davenport Derek Kim Micah Davenport Christine Harfurd Tryce Mallark Christine Harfurd
4 Tryce Mallark Derek Kim Micah Davenport Derek Kim François Martineau François Martineau Tryce Mallark
5 François Martineau Tryce Mallark Jonathan Lawyer Tryce Mallark Misha Maxwell Christine Harfurd François Martineau
6 Misha Maxwell Morgan McCarthy Morgan McCarthy Morgan McCarthy Tryce Mallark Agundio Atti-Morales Agundio Atti-Morales
7 Morgan McCarthy Misha Maxwell François Martineau Jonathan Lawyer Jonathan Lawyer Misha Maxwell Misha Maxwell
8 Jonathan Lawyer Jonathan Lawyer Agundio Atti-Morales Misha Maxwell Matthew Silvius Matthew Silvius Matthew Silvius
9 Agundio Atti-Morales Ogun Okayu Misha Maxwell Ogun Okayu Agundio Atti-Morales Ogun Okayu Ogun Okayu
10 Matthew Silvius Agundio Atti-Morales Matthew Silvius Agundio Atti-Morales Margo Bates Morgan McCarthy Morgan McCarthy
11 Ogun Okayu "Sam" Canuteson Ogun Okayu Matthew Silvius Ogun Okayu Jonathan Lawyer Jonathan Lawyer
12 Randulf Mackenbach Matthew Silvius Randulf Mackenbach Randulf Mackenbach Morgan McCarthy Brian Montgomery III Randulf Mackenbach
13 Sterling Bengtzing Randulf Mackenbach Sterling Bengtzing Margo Bates Randulf Mackenbach Sterling Bengtzing Sterling Bengtzing
14 Margo Bates Margo Bates Margo Bates Sterling Bengtzing Erik Kijani Niko McNamara Niko McNamara
15 "Sam" Canuteson Georges Poulletier "Sam" Canuteson "Sam" Canuteson Niko McNamara "Sam" Canuteson "Sam" Canuteson
16 Niko McNamara Brian Montgomery III Georges Poulletier Niko McNamara Brian Montgomery III Randulf Mackenbach Brian Montgomery III
17 Brian Montgomery III Sterling Bengtzing Erik Kijani Brian Montgomery III "Sam" Canuteson Margo Bates Margo Bates
18 Georges Poulletier Niko McNamara Brian Montgomery III Georges Poulletier Sterling Bengtzing Georges Poulletier Erik Kijani
19 Erik Kijani Ginovani Bartolini Niko McNamara Erik Kijani Georges Poulletier Erik Kijani Ginovani Bartolini
20 Ginovani Bartolini Erik Kijani Vixey Hallsworth Connor Caracal Ginovani Bartolini Ginovani Bartolini Georges Poulletier
21 Connor Caracal Treshaun Carnell Treshaun Carnell Treshaun Carnell Connor Caracal Vixey Hallsworth Vixey Hallsworth
22 Vixey Hallsworth Vixey Hallsworth George Allison Ginovani Bartolini Vixey Hallsworth Connor Caracal Connor Caracal
23 Treshaun Carnell George Allison Connor Caracal George Allison Treshaun Carnell Treshaun Carnell Treshaun Carnell
24 George Allison Connor Caracal Ginovani Bartolini Vixey Hallsworth George Allison George Allison George Allison

Listen to the FSPN Top 24 Rankings Podcast!

Draft Results

  1. Christine Harfurd (Puma, G) - Drafted by Albany Alphas
  2. Tryce Peter Mallark (Gelada Baboon, F) - Drafted by Tennessee Moonshiners
  3. Agundio Salvatore Atti-Morales (Cuban Black Hawk/Common Kestrel Hybrid, F) - Drafted by Lorain Firestorm
  4. Jonathan Lawyer (Meerkat, F/G) - Drafted by San Jose Thrust
  5. Micah Davenport (Border Collie, F/G) - Drafted by Newark Pride
  6. Sterling Bengtzing (Marbled Polecat, C/F) - Drafted by Montana Howlers
  7. François Martineau (Golden Retriever, G) - Drafted by Texas Lone Stars
  8. Morgan McCarthy (Bighorn Sheep, C) - Drafted by Santa Fe Whips
  9. Samantha Canuteson (Orca, C/F) - Drafted by Baltimore Spirits
  10. Ogun Okayu (Rhinoceros, C/F) - Drafted by Alaska Arctics
  11. Derek Kim (Kkachi, G) - Drafted by Winnipeg Voyageurs
  12. Misha Maxwell (Cheetah, G) - Drafted by Williamsburg Minutemen
  13. Margo Bates (White Tailed Deer, G) - Drafted by Biloxi Voodoo
  14. Matthew Silvius (Long-Tailed Weasel, G) - Drafted by Dakota Bikers
  15. Brian Delano Montgomery III (Dragon, C/F) - Drafted by Dakota Bikers
  16. Randulf Mackenbach (Wistar Rat, F) - Drafted by Bangor Tides
  17. Niko McNamara (Meerkat, F/G) - Drafted by Seattle Summit
  18. Georges Poulletier (Chicken, F) - Drafted by Tallahassee Typhoons
  19. Vixey Hallsworth (Husky, F/G) - Drafted by Alaska Arctics
  20. Ginovani Bartolini (Gorilla, C/F) - Drafted by Plymouth Taproots
  21. Connor Caracal (Lynx, F/G) - Drafted by Williamsburg Minutemen
  22. Erik Kijani (Leopard, G) - Drafted by Pittsburgh Keystones
  23. Harrison York (Martial Eagle, F/C) - Drafted by Huntsville Mayors
  24. Yesina Selas (Ruffed Red Lemur, G/F) - Drafted by Santa Ana Spectrums
  25. Christian Ashbury (Peacock Mantis Shrimp, G) - Drafted by Montana Howlers
  26. Robyn Moonnay (Bongo, F) - Drafted by Lorain Firestorm
  27. Treshaun Carnell (Nubian Goat, G) - Drafted by Seattle Summit
  28. Lorraine Schaefer (Sloth, C/F) - Drafted by Williamsburg Minutemen
  29. Hedvin Eklund (Highland Cattle, C/F) - Drafted by Tallahassee Typhoons
  30. Justin Van Stroom (River Otter, G) - Drafted by Santa Fe Whips
  31. Mark Kanter III (Wolverine, F/C) - Drafted by Edmonton Totems
  32. Leroy Wyatt (Terrier Mutt, F/G) - Drafted by Alaska Arctics
  33. Ricardo Ortega (Domestic Feline, G) - Drafted by Texas Lone Stars
  34. Damian Williams (Dark Wolf, G/F)* - Drafted by Baltimore Spirits
  35. Rachelynne Stubb (Hinny, G) - Drafted by Winnipeg Voyageurs
  36. Ronney Abplanalp (Great Plains wolf, C/F) - Drafted by Las Vegas Wildcards
  37. Cody Benson (Horse, F/C) - Drafted by Lorain Firestorm
  38. Elijah Sommers (Blue-tongued Skink, G) - Drafted by San Jose Thrust
  39. Whitney Hawkins (Red River Hog, F) - Drafted by Texas Lone Stars
  40. George Barns Allison (Chimpanzee, F/G) - Drafted by Edmonton Totems
  41. Lindsey Morrison (Border Collie, G) - Drafted by Santa Fe Whips
  42. Saga Ström (Howler Monkey, F/G) - Drafted by Pittsburgh Keystones
  43. Ruq Göhten (Cricket, F/C) - Drafted by Albany Alphas
  44. Waylon Stone (Horse, C) - Drafted by Plymouth Taproots
  45. Marcella Oliviera (Glass-Winged Butterfly, G) - Drafted by Williamsburg Minutemen
  46. Hugo Flynn (Scaly-foot Snail, F/C) - Drafted by Baltimore Spirits
  47. Oswaldo Puga (Mediterranean Horseshoe Bat, F/G) - Drafted by Huntsville Mayors
  48. Pimwadee Tansiri (Betta Fish, F) - Drafted by Santa Ana Spectrums

Draft Videos

Notable Undrafted Players

These players were not selected in the 2015 FBA Draft, but were signed afterwards per the league minimum contract.