2016-2017 Las Vegas Wildcards season

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Las Vegas Wildcards
RL GM Lizzimba
RL HC Jakebe
Arena Fremont Palace - Las Vegas, NV
Owner(s) James Dynn (male fox wolf hybrid)
General Manager Mikela Soros (female caracal)
Head coach Dimi Kabat (grey squirrel)
Record 41-39
Place Division: 4th (Mountain)
Conference: 7th (Western)
Last Update 20 May 2017 04:48:49 GMT
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The 2016-2017 Las Vegas Wildcards season is the 5th season of the franchise in Las Vegas and the 11th in the Furry Basketball Association (FBA). The franchise was originally formed in 2006 as the Idaho Mounties.

Key Dates

  • 09/01/16 Start of Free Agency
  • 09/18/16 Draft Day held in Las Vegas, NV at the FBA Amphitheatre

Draft Picks

Round Pick Player Species Position
1 4 Lee Baraquin Raccoon C/F
2 28 Laertes Foxwell American Pit Bull Terrier G


Las Vegas Wildcards Roster
Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward Power Forward Center
PID 1061.jpg
PID 837.jpg
PID 635.jpg
PID 140.jpg
PID 476.jpg
93 Lisa Belle DuPont (Yellow-Necked Mouse, G) 44 Misha Maxwell (Cheetah, G) 24 Wayne Kirkpatrick (Tasmanian Devil, F) 14 Crosby Sutters (Genet, F/C) 79 Quintessa Hartnett (Leopard, C)
Forward Guard Swingfur Forward Forward
PID 789.jpg
PID 815.jpg
PID 1111.jpg
PID 1136.jpg
PID 947.jpg
19 Theodore Rockwell (Wolf/Cheetah Hybrid, F) 2 Erik Kijani (Leopard, G) Lauren Dunphy (Yellow Mongoose, G/F) Zaire Tipton (River Otter, F) 69 Noah Brown (Rabbit, F)
Reserves Deep Reserves
Guard Center Forward Swingfur Guard
PID 1135.jpg
PID 1115.jpg
PID 992.jpg
Xavier Cross (Maned Wolf, G) Ivie Robins (Great Dane, C) 22 Kelsey Komminsk (Snow Leopard, F) Lisa Dunphy (Yellow Mongoose, G/F) 11 Hudson Dielbach (American Red Squirrel, G)
Head Coach Use Only:


Regular Season

The regular season opener was held on Monday, October 31st, 2016, visiting the Edmonton Totems. The home opener was held on Friday November 4th, 2016, hosting the Winnipeg Voyageurs.


Team Record Conf. Div. GB
Mountain Division
Montana Howlers 53-27 37-19 14-10 -
Edmonton Totems 47-33 31-25 13-11 6
Seattle Summit 44-36 29-27 11-13 9
Las Vegas Wildcards 41-39 25-31 10-14 12


  • z – Clinched home court advantage for the entire playoffs
  • c – Clinched home court advantage for the conference playoffs
  • y – Clinched division title
  • x – Clinched playoff spot
  • †teams that are banned from post-season play for violating major rules
# Western Conference
Team Record Conf. GB
1 Montana Howlers 53-27 37-19 -
2 Edmonton Totems 47-33 31-25 6
3 Alaska Arctics 45-35 31-25 8
4 Santa Ana Spectrums 44-36 32-24 9
5 Seattle Summit 44-36 29-27 9
6 Winnipeg Voyageurs 41-39 28-28 12
7 Las Vegas Wildcards 41-39 25-31 12
8 San Jose Thrust 41-39 23-33 12
9 Hawaii Kahunas 40-40 27-29 13
10 Texas Lone Stars 38-42 32-24 15
11 Arizona Whips 29-51 23-33 24
12 Dakota Bikers 26-54 18-38 27

Game Log

Awards, records and milestones




Record Value Player Date of record
Minutes Played 39.7 Fenruss Brylee (Black Wolf, F/C) Nov 4, 2016
Field Goals Made 14 Godfrey Zindendel (Goat, F) Oct 31, 2016
3 Pointers Made 5 Li Ho Fook (Red Panda, G) Jan 29, 2017
Free Throws Made 6 Lee Baraquin (Raccoon, C/F) Jan 29, 2017
Offensive Rebounds 8 Fenruss Brylee (Black Wolf, F/C) Nov 2, 2016
Total Rebounds 15 Fenruss Brylee (Black Wolf, F/C) Nov 2, 2016
Assists 10 Li Ho Fook (Red Panda, G) Oct 31, 2016
Turn Overs 4 Doug Dramson (Wolverine, F) Nov 8, 2016
Steals 4 Li Ho Fook (Red Panda, G) Nov 2, 2016
Blocks 5 Samantha Canuteson (Orca, C/F) Nov 6, 2016
Points 30 Godfrey Zindendel (Goat, F) Oct 31, 2016



Las Vegas Wildcards

Players Added

Via Draft

Via Free Agency

Via Trade

Players Lost


  • (none)

Via Free Agency

Via Trade


To the Wildcards
To the Spirits
  • 2016 #30 overall pick
To the Wildcards
To the Keystones
To the Wildcards
To the Pride
To the Wildcards
To the Winnipeg Voyageurs
To the Wildcards
To the Mayors

Free Agents


Player Signed Former Team
Juniper Hill (Maned Wolf, G) 1yr - $1m Tallahassee Typhoons
Fenruss Brylee (Black Wolf, F/C) 3yr - $54m Dakota Bikers
Rikki Singh (Mongoose, G/F) 1yr - $1m Edmonton Totems
Emily Blake (Spotted Hyena, F) 1yr - $1m Contract Extension


Player Reason Left Team if applicable
Damien Nathaniel (Hyena, F) Free Agent N/A
Erich Haber (Mink, C) Free Agent N/A
Mary Wooten (Sheep, F) Free Agent Winnipeg Voyageurs (via delayed sign-and-trade)
Peter Conner (Cougar, F) Free Agent Retired
Quintessa Hartnett (Leopard, C) Free Agent Baltimore Spirits
Shannon Hickman (Kangaroo Rat, G) Free Agent N/A