2016 FBA Draft

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The 2016 FBA Draft held on September 18th starting at 3 pm Eastern.

Draft Order

  1. PLY
  2. EDM
  3. SAS (from BAL)
  4. LVG
  5. TXS
  6. BLV (from WPG)
  7. SJT (from HNT)
  8. TAL
  9. DAK
  10. WPG (from BLV)
  11. BGR
  12. ALK
  13. EDM (from HNT from SJT)
  14. WIL
  15. LOR (from TAL from AZW)
  16. MON
  17. HNT (from EDM from QNS)
  18. TAL (from LOR)
  19. BGR (from TEN)
  20. SEA
  21. HWI
  22. ALB
  23. PIT
  24. QNS (from BAL from SAS)
  25. PLY
  26. BGR (from BAL)
  27. HNT (from EDM)
  28. LVG
  29. TXS
  30. BAL (from LVG from WPG)
  31. EDM (from HNT)
  32. DAK
  33. SJT (from TAL)
  34. BLV
  35. BGR
  36. ALK
  37. DAK (from SJT)
  38. TEN (from WIL)
  39. AZW
  40. BGR (from TAL from MON)
  41. QNS
  42. LOR
  43. MON (from TEN)
  44. SEA
  45. HWI
  46. ALB
  47. PIT
  48. SAS

In the Pool

Players have been submitting their applications for review and hopeful acceptance. (NOTE: Accepted draftees can still be removed if a contributor violates the code of conduct or if a committee member(s) determine if a player is unfit for entry into the league. Acceptance does not guarantee that your submission will be drafted, nor that your player is up for top 24 consideration. Twitter/stories/art/content can help convince General Managers as they tend to look for and encourage active contributors, though too much of a social presence prior to acceptance can hurt your review.)

Top Draft Prospects

The following players were selected by the FBA as the Top 24 of the 2016 Draft Candidates. They were given invitations to the 2016 Combine Challenge, a showcase of two games featuring all 24 of the players.

Player Ranking

At the end of the Combine Challenge, the league front office provided their list ranking the Top 24 players.

  1. Erik Toivonen
  2. Lee Baraquin
  3. Andrius Vilkasaitis
  4. Jona Vastenhout
  5. Tyrese Vaughan
  6. Doug Dawson
  7. Tahiry Andriamatsinoro
  8. Baxter Buckley
  9. Beau Dapremont
  10. Mika Mishima
  11. Jonas McMillan
  12. Takeru Ishijima
  13. Tyrone Gale
  14. Logan Greene
  15. Chantal Magnano
  16. Tia Terra
  17. Marshall Anderson-Rhodes
  18. Arved James Penhall
  19. Anele Nel
  20. Hector Hart
  21. Laertes Foxwell
  22. Jared Sunderman
  23. Timothy Svengaard
  24. Arex Gonnes Katu

Draft Results

  1. Erik Toivonen (Finnish Forest Reindeer, C/F) - Drafted by Plymouth Taproots
  2. Beau Dapremont (Poodle, F/C) - Drafted by Edmonton Totems
  3. Tyrese Vaughan (Giant Otter, C) - Drafted by Santa Ana Spectrums
  4. Lee Baraquin (Raccoon, C/F) - Drafted by Las Vegas Wildcards
  5. Takeru Ishijima (Siberian Tiger, F) - Drafted by Texas Lone Stars
  6. Andrius Vilkasaitis (Eurasian Wolf, G) - Drafted by Biloxi Voodoo
  7. Jona Vastenhout (Beech Martin, G) - Drafted by San Jose Thrust
  8. Tahiry Andriamatsinoro (Ring-Tailed Lemur, F) - Drafted by Tallahassee Typhoons
  9. Mika Mishima (Tanuki, F/C) - Drafted by Dakota Bikers
  10. Chantal Magnano (Slender Mongoose, F) - Drafted by Winnipeg Voyageurs
  11. Tia Terra (Opossum, C/F) - Drafted by Bangor Tides
  12. Marshall Anderson-Rhodes (Clouded Leopard, F) - Drafted by Alaska Arctics
  13. Baxter Buckley (Beaver, G/F) - Drafted by Edmonton Totems
  14. Timothy Svengaard (Red Deer, F/C) - Drafted by Williamsburg Minutemen
  15. Arved James Penhall (Warthog, F/G) - Drafted by Lorain Firestorm
  16. Doug Dawson (Barbary Lion, G) - Drafted by Montana Howlers
  17. Jonas McMillan (Timber Wolf, G/F) - Drafted by Huntsville Mayors
  18. Rebecca Goldberg (Charolais Cow, C/F) - Drafted by Tallahassee Typhoons
  19. Logan Greene (Grey Wolf, G) - Drafted by Bangor Tides
  20. Natalie Bellemare (Atlantic Puffin, C/F) - Drafted by Seattle Summit
  21. Biashim Annadurdyyew (Alabai, C) - Drafted by Hawaii Kahunas
  22. Akiak Pratt (Husky, G) - Drafted by Albany Alphas
  23. Tyrone Gale (Horse, G/F) - Drafted by Pittsburgh Keystones
  24. Tasya Fangestu (Sumatran Tiger, G/F) - Drafted by Queens Pride
  25. Jared Sunderman (Axolotl, G/F) - Drafted by Plymouth Taproots
  26. Hector Hart (Deer, G) - Drafted by Bangor Tides
  27. Samantha Frustor (Coyote, F) - Drafted by Huntsville Mayors
  28. Laertes Foxwell (American Pit Bull Terrier, G) - Drafted by Las Vegas Wildcards
  29. Jedrick Christodoulopoulos (Striped Skunk, G) - Drafted by Texas Lone Stars
  30. Reji DeVal (Reticulated Python, C) - Drafted by Baltimore Spirits
  31. Rosalind Baumhauer (Southern Fox Squirrel, C) - Drafted by Edmonton Totems
  32. Allen Bannarasee Nantakarn (Dhole, G) - Drafted by Dakota Bikers
  33. Tua Wati (Auckland Tree Weta, C) - Drafted by San Jose Thrust
  34. Carol Quiñones (Wolf, F/C) - Drafted by Biloxi Voodoo
  35. Jayson Owens (Spotted Skunk, F) - Drafted by Bangor Tides
  36. Ruqayya Barakah (Brandt's Hedgehog, F/G) - Drafted by Alaska Arctics
  37. Rafael Hayes (Coyote, F) - Drafted by Dakota Bikers
  38. Noah Brown (Rabbit, F) - Drafted by Tennessee Moonshiners
  39. Paul Paulichek (Fisher, G/F) - Drafted by Arizona Whips
  40. Arex Gonnes Katu (Okapi, G) - Drafted by Bangor Tides
  41. Daisuke Tenno (Grey Squirrel , F) - Drafted by Queens Pride
  42. Danica Magnano (Slender Mongoose, F) - Drafted by Lorain Firestorm
  43. Gleximar Naranjo (Spectacled Bear, C) - Drafted by Montana Howlers
  44. Anele Nel (Bibron's Gecko, G) - Drafted by Seattle Summit
  45. Tadley Weston (Amazon Milk Frog , G) - Drafted by Hawaii Kahunas
  46. Jasper LeBeau (Hare, G) - Drafted by Albany Alphas
  47. Stan Shields Jr. (Gray Wolf, F) - Drafted by Pittsburgh Keystones
  48. Jess Nguyen (Javan Rhino, F) - Drafted by Santa Ana Spectrums

Notable Undrafted Players

These players were not selected in the 2016 FBA Draft, but were signed afterwards per the league minimum contract.