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The 2016 FBA Finals will be the championship series of the 2015–16 season of the Furry Basketball Association (FBA) and the conclusion of the season's playoffs. The series featured the Seattle Summit as the Western Conference champions going up against the Albany Alphas as the Eastern Conference champions. Unlike previous years of the Finals where the format was 2-3-2, this year's series matched the 2-2-1-1-1 format as in the rest of the playoffs. Game 1 was held on Tuesday June 21st, with Game 7 scheduled for Friday July 1st (if necessary).


Seattle Summit

Albany Alphas

Road to the Finals

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Regular season series

Feb 6 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F
Alphas 27 25 29 22 103
Summit 27 25 26 23 101


Arena: Safe Arena - Seattle, WA

Player of the Game: Rodger Umaechi (Husky, F) - 27 pts, 7 reb, 3 ast, 1 stl, 2 blk


 Rodger Umaechi

April 18 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F
Summit 24 25 24 29 102
Alphas 28 27 28 24 107


Arena: Farigami Park - Albany, NY

Player of the Game: Rodger Umaechi (Husky, F) - 28 pts, 5 reb, 4 ast


 Rodger Umaechi


The first four games were played back-to-back in the team's respective arenas, separated by a travel day. The remaining games of the series were also separated by a travel day.

Game 1

June 21 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F
Summit 21 16 30 34 101
Alphas 18 35 23 30 106


Arena: Farigami Park - Albany, NY

Player of the Game: Rodger Umaechi (Husky, F) - 30 pts, 7 reb, 2 ast, 2 blk


 Rodger Umaechi


FBA Finals Game 1, Seattle Summit and Albany Alphas in upstate New York at Frump Coliseum. The Eastern Conference champions were coming home after stealing the final match of a brutal seven-game series against the top-seeded Pittsburgh Keystones, thanks to a triple-double performance by their star husky Rodger Umaechi (Husky, F). Unfortunately the team was missing a couple key players due to injuries sustained in that game: young starting guard René Lacoste (Jackal, G) and the veteran bench swing Beverly Madds (North American Beaver, G/F) sitting on the DL for at least the next two weeks. Meanwhile, the Western Conference champions capped off their 20-game road to the Finals with a victory of their own in enemy territory, sending their divisional rival Montana Howlers to an unwanted early summer vacation. Recently crowned regular season MVP Jake Turner (Red Fox, C/F) looked to lead Seattle to the young franchise's first ever championship, and unlike his Albany hosts the Seattle squad was 100% healthy.

12 minutes in and both teams were starting off slow and cautious, running down every second of the play clock with each possession. As expected, Seattle's offense had been focused on the Firefox as he led the visitors with 7 points at the end of the quarter, while Albany spread their points across the floor with Umaechi leading the charge at 6 points.

In the second quarter, the home team decided to assert their dominance on their court with a few defensive stops and quick transitions that turned into two separate double-digit runs in the 2nd quarter. Smart rotation on Turner and Daniel Quvianuq (Polar Bear, C) kept the Seattle towers from becoming an offensive threat, leaving the Summit back-court open to try and light up the scoreboard. Albany's own guards and swings, however, brought enough defensive pressure to limit the visitors' longballs, allowing the Alphas to blow the game open and take a 16 point lead into the break.

Much like in the previous round against the Howlers, Seattle Coach Corvanis Crestin used the halftime to adjust his strategies and come out of the locker rooms with more aggression on the floor. While the treys still wouldn't fall consistently for the Summit, Turner and Quvianuq more than made up for it with second chance opportunities that mostly turned into points. The Alphas kept up their rotations on offense and defense, spreading the minutes across all of their available players to hopefully keep their starters fresh for the final frame. At the end of the third quarter, Albany's double-digit lead had shrunk down to only single digits.

The fourth quarter saw both teams pushing hard on both ends of the court, each team hitting clutch shots and rushing the ball up and down the floor to capitalize on slow transitions from the other team. The superstars on both sides battled it out under the basket, but with the crowd cheering on their home team and the lead never being relinquished, the Alphas remained on top and finished out the game with a 5-point gap to take a 1-0 lead in the series.

-P. Suarez

Game 2

June 22 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F
Summit 26 21 32 30 109
Alphas 27 31 33 22 113


Arena: Farigami Park - Albany, NY

Player of the Game: Rodger Umaechi (Husky, F) - 25 pts, 9 reb, 7 ast, 1 stl, 1 blk


 Rodger Umaechi


Here is your look into game 2 of the FBA Finals, courtesy of FSPN. The game started off strong, neither team showing signs of any exhaustion from their first pair of back-to-back games this series, just a constant struggle for control. Starting things off with a quick shot from Apiatan Redmane (Water Buffalo, G), the Summit countered with a 3 from the long snake himself, Kinny DeMarcus (Hairy Bush Viper, G). The quarter swung back and forth, no team pulling ahead, even right to the final moments. Surprisingly, Jake Turner (Red Fox, C/F) seemed to be holding back for the opening frame, allowing teammate Jeri Naranjo (Cacomistle, G) to take the early leadership role on the scoreboard. With Apia also holding the scoring lead for his team in the quarter, Rodger Umaechi (Husky, F) also seemed a little sluggish in the field goal department, although he did provide three crucial assists to his team who led by one at the end of the first.

Starting off the second quarter Albany was beginning to pull away from Seattle's score. Although the game remained within a few possessions for most of the quarter, only entering a double-digit gap courtesy of a last-second shot by Christine Harfurd (Puma, G), both teams weren't hesitating to pull out all the stops. Evan Marshall (Helmeted Woodpecker, F) kept the ball flowing for the Summit, managing to twice take the ball from under the noses of Albany, while Timur Tomilin (Mammoth, C) provided some defense on Seattle's missed shots with a total of 6 rebounds by the break.

Going into the third quarter, it seemed as if both teams decided to give the defensive players a rest, relying more on a run-and-gun approach to their plays, trading baskets back and forth. Unfortunately for Seattle, even this strong offensive push wasn't enough to close the gap on Albany's lead.

Coming into the final quarter, the Summit fought tooth and claw in the last 12 minutes of this game, determined not to let it go down without a fight. Right out of the gate, Seattle came swinging, pushing the deficit quickly back into the single digits, and eventually to a single possession. But as the quarter went on, the Alphas managed to restore their larger lead, then sealing the deal during the final few moments of the game with a shot from the coffee husky, followed by a steal from Doral, and a buzzer-beating shot from Lindsey Morrison (Border Collie, G) to finalize the score at Seattle 109, Albany 113.

Rodger Umaechi secured the Player of the Game, with 25 points on 10 field-goals, 9 rebounds, and a block, with the Alpha Alpha awarded to Apiatan Redmane with 31 points on 13 field-goals, with 4 assists and a steal. Jake Turner was inevitably the Peak Summit player with a double-double of 29 points on 13 field-goals, 13 rebounds, and a block. Other notable players included Jeri Naranjo with 18 points, Niko McNamara (Meerkat, F/G) off the bench with 11 points, and rookie Christine Harfurd with 16 points. Seria Delgado (White Wolf, F) wound up on the day-to-day disabled list with a neck strain, while Evan Marshall, Niko McNamara, and James Frestrikial (Brown Bear, C) all sat out the final minutes of the game after small injuries in the fourth quarter.

-J. Ha

Game 3

June 24 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F
Alphas 24 28 29 21 102
Summit 25 21 32 30 108


Arena: Safe Arena - Seattle, WA

Player of the Game: Jeri Naranjo (Cacomistle, G) - 20 pts, 1 reb, 10 ast, 4 stl


 Jeri Naranjo


Game 3 of the FBA Finals and the Seattle Summit were at home, this virtually being a must-win game for them, and the Albany Alphas were looking to keep them on the run. The first quarter, though, was more of a chess match between the two teams, as the chances were spread around, the strategies a little more diverse than usual. Seattle didn't just get in the ball to Big Jake and Albany didn't just lean on their resident coffee addict. Several different players scored on each team and the best play was from the unlikeliest source for flair. Daniel Quvianuq (Polar Bear, C) got himself back last as usual as Niko McNamara (Meerkat, F/G) launched a shot to beat the play clock. It missed, but before the ball could bounce up high enough, Big DQ caught it and slammed it home, sending the home fans into a tizzy. He and Apiatan Redmane (Water Buffalo, G) led their teams with six points each at the end of one.

The Alphas decided to use the second quarter to up the pressure on the Summit and it was seemingly working. While Seattle was managing to keep the pressure on the visitors as well, the Alphas used the closing minutes to put on the real show, going on an 11-4 run to end the period. The pink-haired Redmane added a couple of critical buckets during that stretch and the underrated but vital Jeri Naranjo (Cacomistle, G) also had some buckets too as both players finished the half with 11 points each, while Timur Tomilin (Mammoth, C) led both teams with 6 rebounds. What was surprising is how Jake Turner (Red Fox, C/F) and Rodger Umaechi (Husky, F) were seemingly taking a back seat as they had been front and center for almost the entire series so far.

Well, that all changed after halftime break. The Summit managed to fight their way back into the game as DQ and seven-foot-everything Jake Turner made their presences felt with just monster blocks on consecutive possessions. Christine Harfurd (Puma, G) and Viran Kivar (Jaguar, F) weren't about to forget those for a while. The recently-named league MVP also stormed his way through the quarter with team-leading baskets. Not to be outdone, the Alphas' former league MVP pretty much did the same thing, repelling the counterattack by the home team and keeping them from taking the lead going into the fourth, with the visitors holding a three-point edge.

As the fourth quarter started, one could almost see the determination in both team's superstar's eyes as each one wanted to close this game out. And to the delight of the home team, it was Seattle that landed the first blows. Naranjo, who had been in control of Seattle's offense for almost the entire game continued to do it with her direction of the offense and clutch baskets in the final frame. Kivar helped step up the Alphas' scoring to supplement Umaechi, and Albany maintained their the lead up to the middle of the period. But it was the seven-foot-everything and coffee show once more as Turner and Umaechi going back and forth throughout the remainder of the game. With Seattle finally grabbing the lead, Turner made sure that they stayed there by simply out-heighting Tomilin late, who also played a great game himself. One could almost sense relief on Jake's face when the final buzzer sounded and the home team was victorious by six. Umaechi finished with 25 points and Turner 26 but the big star of the game arguably was Naranjo who finished with a double-double of 20 points and 10 assists.

-A. Stanton

Game 4

June 25 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F
Alphas 25 31 30 21 107
Summit 24 21 29 28 102


Arena: Safe Arena - Seattle, WA

Player of the Game: Christine Harfurd (Puma, G) - 23 pts, 3 reb, 6 ast, 2 stl


 Christine Harfurd


LIVE from Seattle, the Finals are slowly coming down to the wire! It's make or break! Will the Summit manage to equalize the scores and make it tough? Or will the Alphas earn that sweet away win and get themselves closer to a ring to start another decade fresh?

First Q and it couldn't be more exciting, lordy! Unlike other games, there is no superstar to be seen, as everyone made their best to pitch in and get their paws on that ball and that ball on the hoop! So much pitching, you could say that defense took a break from the spotlight. Aside from a block by Big-n-tall Daniel Quvianuq (Polar Bear, C), no action of that kind to be seen. The top 5 scorers have scored 5 each (make a wish, fellas) with the pink bison and coffeehusky on one side, Jeri Naranjo (Cacomistle, G), Niko McNamara (Meerkat, F/G) and the tallfox on the other. Keeping it tight, but a last minute shot from Apiatan Redmane (Water Buffalo, G) seals this tight quarter for the visitors!

Closing the first half and kittens are taking their mittens off cuz no one came to play! After the intensely contested first quarter, the Alphas decided they didn't come to play around and boosted the aggressiveness and flair all the way up to 11! Interestingly enough, both of the 1s in this games are new blood, but the difference is clear as one was snatched in the coveted #1 draft spot, while the other was a walk-on. Christine Harfurd (Puma, G) is living up to that draft position reputation by helping himself to the leader position on the scoreboard position with 12 points at the break, beating Jake Turner (Red Fox, C/F), who only has 10 in the first half. Seems that Albany is running away with the rook-on-rook game. Defense has picked up, as the big mammoth has 6 big rebs and DQ has 2 blocks.

Kicking up the 3rd Q it seems that Seattle is trying to hassle it the best they can, but things are looking dicey-slicey for the Summit, as the visitors seem to have answers for their every move. This constant 110% approach has its setbacks and it seems the visitors paid the price this time: renowned defender Doral (Gecko, G/F) went down with a nasty fall, with trainers reporting she'll have to miss out the rest of the game at least, with the final report landing the lizard on the short term disabled list with a sprained elbow. If you could say defense was taking a setback in the first quarter, you can confirm that theory in this one! All the buckets Seattle has done, Albany responded back as quick as a clingy mate! (I should know...Ahem). A tandem of threes! Dunks to decipher! Layups that don't let loose! For Albany, it's the rookie show, as Harfurd snatched 17 points to his name so far, followed by Turner with 16 for the Summit.

Coming down to the wire as the two team are going ballistic trying to secure this fourth game! The Firefox lit up the scoreboard trying his best to secure the W, but the combined efforts from Rodger Umaechi (Husky, F) and Christine Harfurd are keeping the Summit at a low peak! As predicted, this offensive barrage showed its setbacks, with several players going down: Treshaun Carnell (Nubian Goat, G), the aforementioned Naranjo and Ryan Ottley (Eurasian River Otter, G) from one side, and Ruq Göhten (Cricket, F/C) from the other. The trainers have all listed these players as day-to-day, though post-game reports have the goat and otter clear for the next game. Both McNamara and Redmane were making a rainforest out of those woods, while the superstars found their stride again and defense started kicking it up. But all was said and done when 30 seconds were left on the clock. In the end, Albany did it, and the east has proven themselves beast as the series now officially 3 to 1 in favor of the Alphas! The rookie cougar, managing to steamroll his fellow rookie competition, gathered enough to win himself the Player of the Game honors! Umaechi and Redmane both got nods from their efforts and, per usual, DQ and Turner with Double-Doubles for the home team in the five point loss.

-Z. Donovan

Game 5

June 27 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F
Summit 36 24 24 29 113
Alphas 27 31 32 25 115


Arena: Farigami Park - Albany, NY

Player of the Game: Viran Kivar (Jaguar, F) - 21 pts, 9 reb, 2 ast, 1 stl, 1 blk


 Viran Kivar


Goooooooooooooood Evening everyone, I'm Chris Whalen, your panda in the press, with coverage of Game 5 of the FBA Finals! We're here in Albany for a game which promises to be a barn burner, as Seattle tries to come back from a 3 - 1 deficit against the Alphas. Will the Coffee Husky finally get his ring? Or will the Foul Fox lead his team to another win, taking them once step closer from snatching victory from last year's runners-up? It could be anyone's game here tonight.

Seattle starts out big and strong with a HUUUUUGE offensive push in the first quarter as a desperation tactic, and so far it’s stymied the home team just a little bit as the Alphas’ inside presence struggles to keep up with the Summit’s barrage of baskets. Albany seems a little disorganized on the court, allowing Jake Turner (Red Fox, C/F) to come in with 12 points already this first quarter. Albany’s highest scorer is Christine Harfurd (Puma, G) with only 6, but per usual, they’re spreading the points around, and have managed to hold on well enough to keep Seattle’s lead here in the first quarter to only single digits. It might be too early to say this, but Albany’s going to have to step up strong in the second quarter, or we’re going to be flying back to Seattle for game 6. Seattle 36 - Albany 27.

Albany finally looks alive in the second quarter with a more aggressive response to the Summit, which is causing a couple of the bigger bodies on Seattle to make some critical mistakes. Both teams are playing hard and fast, but the confidence the Summit possessed in the first quarter seems to be rattled a little, and the Alphas are taking full advantage of the change. On the last possession of the half, Lindsey Morrison (Border Collie, G) makes an incredible steal, tossing the ball mid-court at the buzzer, which rattles its way in to cut the deficit down to just two points. At halftime, our game leaders are Turner with 19 points, Harfurd with 12, Viran Kivar (Jaguar, F) with 5 rebounds, 2 of them offensive, and Rodger Umaechi (Husky, F) with 6 assists. Seattle 60 – Albany 58.

After halftime, the Summit continues to push hard with their offense, giving alllll their bigs some heavy minutes, but the Alphas defensive rotations are forcing the visitors to take less-than-ideal shots, causing even more misses here in the third quarter. Albany capitalizes on the missed opportunities and manage to take the lead late in the quarter, coming out ahead of the Summit for the first time this game, showing that even with 3 players out, they’re not afraid to go strong and strive for victory. Considering Turner has 28 points to Harfurd’s 19, it says a lot that Seattle is being outscored this late in the game, though Umaechi racking up 9 assists so far probably doesn’t help, either. Let’s see if the Alphas can hold on, or if the Summit will be able to strike back, as we head into the final quarter! Seattle 84 – Albany 90.

Here in the last quarter, both teams are pulling out all the stops, and it shows, as the injuries start piling up. Albany’s still playing just as aggressively, but exhaustion can be seen as they struggle to keep their lead in the last quarter. Susan Kruegar (Raccoon, F/C) and Timur Tomilin (Mammoth, C) go out early in the quarter, with "Speedbump" Kinny DeMarcus (Hairy Bush Viper, G) shortly behind them, straining his shoulder on sinking a huge three pointer for Seattle. By now, both teams have opted for a focus on strong offense in an attempt to ramp up their scores. Another pileup sees Sheila Andrews (Grizzly Bear, F/C) and Seria Delgado (White Wolf, F) off the court; both teams playing hard to get that precious W. For the last couple of minutes, the game is tied at 113 apiece, as both teams seem to have little left to give at the end of the quarter.

With seconds left on Seattle's possession, a game-deciding steal for Albany as Umaechi snags the rock and quickly passes it out to a rushing Apiatan Redmane (Water Buffalo, G) who is able to trot it all the way up to the hoop for a layup that rattles on the rim before falling through as the buzzer goes off to score the final points of the game! The Alphas have done it! Ladies and Gentlefurs, the Albany Alphas are your champions for 2016! What a game! I’m Chris Whalen, your panda in the press, signing off for FSPN sports radio!

-C. Whalen


Seattle Summit Roster
Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward Power Forward Center
PID 300.jpg
PID 280.jpg
PID 201.jpg
PID 737.jpg
PID 148.jpg
21 Jeri Naranjo (Cacomistle, G) 5 Jamie Velasquez (Seagull, G/F) 19 Evan Marshall (Helmeted Woodpecker, F) 33 Jake Turner (Red Fox, C/F) 9 Daniel Quvianuq (Polar Bear, C)
Guard Swingfur Bigfur Guard Forward
PID 344.jpg
PID 841.jpg
PID 378.jpg
PID 854.jpg
PID 60.jpg
11 Kinny DeMarcus (Hairy Bush Viper, G) 24 Niko McNamara (Meerkat, F/G) 83 Louise Ellenberger (Brown Swiss Cow, F/C) 22 Ryan Ottley (Eurasian River Otter, G) 77 Arturo de la Rosa (Duck, F)
Reserves Inactives
Guard Bigfur Swingfur Swingfur Bigfur
PID 860.jpg
PID 552.jpg
PID 328.jpg
PID 37.jpg
PID 1.jpg
2 Treshaun Carnell (Nubian Goat, G) 50 Sheila Andrews (Grizzly Bear, F/C) 25 Justin Links (Yorkshire Terrier, G/F) 14 Andrew West (Spotted Quoll, G/F) 23 Aaron Murray (Ram, F/C)
Albany Alphas Roster
Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward Power Forward Center
PID 827.jpg
PID 709.jpg
PID 507.jpg
PID 623.jpg
PID 587.jpg
1 Christine Harfurd (Puma, G) 31 Apiatan Redmane (Water Buffalo, G) 9 Rodger Umaechi (Husky, F) 71 Viran Kivar (Jaguar, F) 96 Timur Tomilin (Mammoth, C)
Guard Swingfur Center Swingfur Forward
PID 493.jpg
PID 176.jpg
PID 279.jpg
PID 81.jpg
PID 544.jpg
17 René Lacoste (Jackal, G) 69 Doral (Gecko, G/F) 76 James Frestrikial (Brown Bear, C) 44 Beverly Madds (North American Beaver, G/F) 18 Seria Delgado (White Wolf, F)
Reserves Inactives
Guard Bigfur Swingfur Guard Bigfur
PID 830.jpg
PID 853.jpg
PID 625.jpg
PID 3.jpg
PID 571.jpg
6 Lindsey Morrison (Border Collie, G) 13 Ruq Göhten (Cricket, F/C) 20 Vladimir Andreiovich Zhidkov (Siberian Tiger, G/F) 50 Admiral May (Maine Coon Cat, G) 6 Susan Kruegar (Raccoon, F/C)