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The 2017 FBA Draft was held September 15 and 16, 2017, at the FBA Amphitheatre in Las Vegas, NV. The 1st round picks were broadcast on the first day and the 2nd round picks on the following day. Furry Basketball Association (FBA) teams took turns selecting amateur U.S. college basketball players and other eligible players, including international players.

Draft selections

PG Point guard SG Shooting guard SF Small forward PF Power forward C Center
* Denotes player who has been selected for at least one All-Star Game
# Denotes player who never played in the FBA regular season or playoffs
Rnd Pick Player Pos. Nationality Team School / club team
1 1 Leon Delmont PG United States Bangor Tides (from Dakota) Appalachian Academy
1 2 Niran Panichkul C Thailand Albany Alphas Miami State University
1 3 J.C. Golde SF Great Britain Arizona Whips (from Bangor) Edinburgh University
1 4 Kaspar Kuusik SG Estonia Biloxi Voodoo SK Pärnu
1 5 Tay Delgado PG Canada Plymouth Taproots Otter State University
1 6 Lucas Berger-Kane SG United States Texas Lone Stars University of North Carolina
1 7 Jaylen Rose SF United States Dakota Bikers (from Arizona via Bangor) Lake Erie Anthro Institute
1 8 Hokulani Kealoha PF United States Hawaii Kahunas Avian University of Hawai'i at M'noa
1 9 Aracely Sanchez# C Mexico Lorain Firestorm New Mexico Predatorial & Technical
1 10 Melaine Thompson# SG United States Queens Pride (from Baltimore) Dallas State University
1 11 Darion Baptiste# PF Trinidad and Tobago San Jose Thrust Technology and Art University of Trinidad and Tobago
1 12 Lucien Ngoy# SF Democratic Republic of Congo Las Vegas Wildcards BFPBL
1 13 Mary Kathryn O'Hara# PG United States Winnipeg Voyageurs Furinvesity of Southern California
1 14 Phryne Harred# SF Australia Tallahassee Typhoons Melbourne Trinity University
1 15 Margo Warrior# C United States Pittsburgh Keystones Pal Warren University of Oklahoma
1 16 Javi Triano# SG Mexico Seattle Summit Universidad Nacional Interrazal de México
1 17 Rashid Kibore# SF Kenya Huntsville Mayors None
1 18 Vendela Malmqvist# PG Sweden Santa Ana Spectrums H.C. Andersen University of Denmark
1 19 Josh Severt# SF United States Alaska Arctics Florida Everglade
1 20 Hudson Dielbach# PG United States Texas Lone Stars (from Edmonton) Billings Technical Community College
1 21 Killian Belmonte Aquino# SG Honduras Santa Ana Spectrums (from Tennessee) Emerald Glade University
1 22 João-Miguel Tavares# SF United States Baltimore Spirits (from Queens) Miami State
1 23 Freddy Varnagy# C Curaçao Montana Howlers Furniversity of Southern California
1 24 Ella Blessing# PG United States Lorain Firestorm (from Williamsburg) Elihu University
2 25 Thorne Tanner# C Great Britain Dakota Bikers Greatlions University of Scotland
2 26 Sonoma Blevins# SG United States Tennessee Moonshiners (from Albany) Canis Lupus Central Community College
2 27 Clarity Immers# SG United States Tallahassee Typhoons (from Bangor) Polyodon Fluvial University of Fort Smith
2 28 Henrick Fischer# C Canada Biloxi Voodoo Université Animalière Laval
2 29 Jacobus van Oirschot# SF Netherlands Plymouth Taproots Underwood College
2 30 Vic Andrews# PF United States Texas Lone Stars Pensacola Predatorial & Mechanical
2 31 Francis Laurent# PG Canada Montana Howlers (from Arizona) University of Eastern Ontario
2 32 Charles Dofri# C United States Hawaii Kahunas East Coast University
2 33 Thor Einar Lind# PF Norway Lorain Firestorm None
2 34 Lucy Cousland# PG United States Baltimore Spirits Brown Dog University
2 35 Maha Al-Sahrawi# SF Qatar San Jose Thrust Elihu University
2 36 Jordan Marx# SG United States Las Vegas Wildcards UFLA
2 37 Gauge Williams# C Caribbean Islands Winnipeg Voyageurs Florida Everglade
2 38 Gary Elsinore# SF United States Bangor Tides (from Tallahassee) Pacific Metro College
2 39 Carlos Reyes# SF United States Pittsburgh Keystones Great Lakes Mammalia
2 40 Chris Johnson# C United States Seattle Summit Avian University of Hamilton
2 41 Natasha Rous# SF United States Huntsville Mayors Ferrengton University
2 42 Gloria McFang# SF United States Santa Ana Spectrums New Mexico Predatorial & Technical
2 43 Amy Weise# SG Canada Alaska Arctics St. Merry's Canine University
2 44 Koichi Ishikawa# PF Japan Edmonton Totems Florida Anthropodan and Molluscan
2 45 Mustafa Sokolovic# SF Canada Biloxi Voodoo (from Tennessee) Avian University of Hamilton
2 46 Pierre Caro# C France Edmonton Totems (from Queens) None
2 47 Sakarias Ekholm# C Sweden Arizona Whips (from Montana) N/A
2 48 Djamba Kabeya# SF United States Williamsburg Minutemen Furniversity Southern California


Abbv Team Cap Picks
ALB Albany Alphas 90.0 ALB 1st rd
ALK Alaska Arctics 90.0 ALK 1st rd, ALK 2nd rd
AZW Arizona Whips 90.0 AZW 1st rd, MON 2nd rd
BAL Baltimore Spirits 86.0 QNS 1st rd, BAL 2nd rd
BGR Bangor Tides 90.0 BGR 1st rd, TAL 2nd rd
BLV Biloxi Voodoo 91.5 BLV 1st rd, BLV 2nd rd, TEN 2nd rd
DAK Dakota Bikers 90.0 DAK 1st rd, DAK 2nd rd
EDM Edmonton Totems 88.0 EDM 1st rd, EDM 2nd rd
HNT Huntsville Mayors 92.0 HNT 1st rd, HNT 2nd rd
HWI Hawaii Kahunas 90.0 HWI 1st rd, HWI 2nd rd
LOR Lorain Firestorm 88.5 LOR 1st rd, WIL 1st rd, LOR 2nd rd
LVG Las Vegas Wildcards 90.0 LVG 1st rd, LVG 2nd rd
MON Montana Howlers 90.0 MON 1st rd, AZW 2nd rd
PIT Pittsburgh Keystones 90.0 PIT 1st rd, PIT 2nd rd
PLY Plymouth Taproots 94.0 PLY 1st rd, PLY 2nd rd
QNS Queens Pride 90.0 BAL 1st rd, QNS 2nd rd
SAS Santa Ana Spectrums 90.0 SAS 1st rd, TEN 1st rd, SAS 2nd rd
SEA Seattle Summit 90.0 SEA 1st rd, SEA 2nd rd
SJT San Jose Thrust 89.5 SJT 1st rd, SJT 2nd rd
TAL Tallahassee Typhoons 91.5 TAL 1st rd, BGR 2nd rd
TEN Tennessee Moonshiners 89.0 ALB 2nd rd
TXS Texas Lone Stars 90.0 TXS 1st rd, TXS 2nd rd
WIL Williamsburg Minutemen 90.0 WIL 2nd rd
WPG Winnipeg Voyageurs 90.0 WPG 1st rd, WPG 2nd rd

Draft Order

  1. BGR (from DAK)
  2. ALB
  3. AZW
  4. BLV
  5. PLY
  6. TXS
  7. DAK (from BGR)
  8. HWI
  9. LOR
  10. QNS (from BAL)
  11. SJT
  12. LVG
  13. WPG
  14. TAL
  15. PIT
  16. SEA
  17. HNT
  18. SAS
  19. ALK
  20. EDM
  21. SAS (from TEN)
  22. BAL (from QNS)
  23. MON
  24. LOR (from WIL)
  25. DAK
  26. TEN (from ALB)
  27. TAL (from BGR)
  28. BLV
  29. PLY
  30. TXS
  31. MON (from AZW)
  32. HWI
  33. LOR
  34. BAL
  35. SJT
  36. LVG
  37. WPG
  38. BGR (from TAL)
  39. PIT
  40. SEA
  41. HNT
  42. SAS
  43. ALK
  44. EDM
  45. BLV (from TEN)
  46. QNS
  47. AZW (from MON)
  48. WIL

Top Draft Prospects

The following players were selected by the FBA as the Top 24 of the 2017 Draft Candidates. They were given invitations to the 2017 Combine Challenge, a showcase of two games featuring all 24 of the players. The Top 24 Candidates were then ranked by sports writers and analysts.

Preliminary Rankings

  1. Jaylen Rose
  2. Kaspar Kuusik
  3. Leon Delmont
  4. J.C. Golde
  5. Tay Delgado
  6. Lucas Berger-Kane
  7. Lucien Ngoy
  8. Ella Blessing
  9. Niran Panichkul
  10. Rashid Kibore
  11. Melaine Thompson
  12. Phryne Harred
  13. João-Miguel Tavares
  14. Vendela Malmqvist
  15. Mary Kathryn O'Hara
  16. Jacobus van Oirschot
  17. Javi Triano
  18. Carlos Reyes
  19. Sonoma Blevins
  20. Hokulani Kealoha
  21. Freddy Varnagy
  22. Josh Severt
  23. Killian Belmonte Aquino
  24. Gary Elsinore

Finalized Rankings

  1. Kaspar Kuusik
  2. Jaylen Rose
  3. Leon Delmont
  4. J.C. Golde
  5. Tay Delgado
  6. Lucas Berger-Kane
  7. Lucien Ngoy
  8. Niran Panichkul
  9. Phryne Harred
  10. Ella Blessing
  11. João-Miguel Tavares
  12. Vendela Malmqvist
  13. Melaine Thompson
  14. Rashid Kibore
  15. Javi Triano
  16. Mary Kathryn O'Hara
  17. Sonoma Blevins
  18. Carlos Reyes
  19. Freddy Varnagy
  20. Josh Severt
  21. Jacobus van Oirschot
  22. Killian Belmonte Aquino
  23. Hokulani Kealoha
  24. Gary Elsinore

On the Cusp: Players who sit just outside the Top 24, but have stood out from the rest of the pool.

Also In the Pool