2018 FBA Draft

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The 2018 FBA Draft is scheduled to be held at 7pm EDT on the 23rd and 24th of September.

Team Draft Picks

Abbv Team Cap Picks
ALB Albany Alphas 90.0 ALB 1st rd, ALB 2nd rd
ALK Alaska Arctics 93.0 ALK 1st rd, TEN 2nd rd, ALK 2nd rd
AZW Arizona Whips 88.5 none
BAL Baltimore Spirits 90.5 BLV 1st rd, AZW 2nd rd
BGR Bangor Tides 90.0 TXS 2nd rd, BGR 2nd rd
BLV Biloxi Voodoo 92.5 none
DAK Dakota Bikers 90.0 DAK 1st rd, DAK 2nd rd
EDM Edmonton Totems 95.0 EDM 1st rd, EDM 2nd rd, BLV 2nd rd
HNT Huntsville Mayors 88.0 HNT 1st rd, HWI 1st rd, HNT 2nd rd, HWI 2nd rd
HWI Hawaii Kahunas 92.0 none
LOR Lorain Firestorm 88.0 LOR 1st rd, LOR 2nd rd
LVG Las Vegas Wildcards 90.0 LVG 1st rd, LVG 2nd rd
MON Montana Howlers 85.0 MON 1st rd, MON 2nd rd
PIT Pittsburgh Keystones 90.0 PIT 2nd rd, PLY 2nd rd
PLY Plymouth Taproots 96.0 AZW 1st rd, PLY 1st rd, PIT 1st rd
QNS Queens Pride 90.0 QNS 1st rd
SAS Santa Ana Spectrums 90.0 BAL 1st rd, SAS 1st rd, SAS 2nd rd
SEA Seattle Summit 87.0 SEA 1st rd, SEA 2nd rd
SJT San Jose Thrust 85.0 SJT 1st rd, SJT 2nd rd, QNS 2nd rd
TAL Tallahassee Typhoons 90.0 TAL 1st rd, TAL 2nd rd
TEN Tennessee Moonshiners 89.5 TEN 1st rd
TXS Texas Lone Stars 90.0 TXS 1st rd, BGR 1st rd, BAL 2nd rd
WIL Williamsburg Minutemen 90.0 WIL 1st rd, WIL 2nd rd
WPG Winnipeg Voyageurs 90.0 WPG 1st rd, WPG 2nd rd

bold picks are protected and cannot be traded. Picks are protected when a team does not have a pick in the first round during the previous two consecutive drafts.

Draft Videos

Draft Order

  1. ALB
  2. TXS
  3. TAL
  4. PLY (from AZW)
  5. SJT
  6. LOR
  7. LVG
  8. PLY
  9. HNT
  10. QNS
  11. DAK (from PLY via PIT)
  12. LVG (from WPG)
  13. EDM
  14. MON
  15. HNT (from HWI)
  16. SAS (from BAL)
  17. WIL
  18. TEN
  19. BAL (from BLV)
  20. SAS
  21. ALK
  22. PLY (from DAK)
  23. TXS (from BGR)
  24. SEA
  25. WIL (from ALB)
  26. EDM (from BGR via TXS)
  27. TAL
  28. BAL (from AZW)
  29. SJT
  30. LOR
  31. LVG
  32. PIT (from PLY)
  33. HNT
  34. SJT (from QNS)
  35. PIT
  36. WPG
  37. BGR (from EDM)
  38. MON
  39. HNT (from HWI)
  40. TXS (from BAL)
  41. WIL
  42. ALK (from LVG via TEN)
  43. EDM (from AZW via TEN via BLV)
  44. SAS
  45. ALK
  46. DAK
  47. BGR
  48. SEA

In the Pool

Players have been submitting their applications for review and hopeful acceptance. (NOTE: Accepted draftees can still be removed if a contributor violates the code of conduct or if a committee member(s) determine if a player is unfit for entry into the league. Acceptance does not guarantee that your submission will be drafted, nor that your player is up for top 24 consideration. Twitter/stories/art/content can help convince General Managers as they tend to look for and encourage active contributors, though too much of a social presence prior to acceptance can hurt your review.)

Not being on the list does not mean your submission has been rejected, it may mean that it does not have 3 committee votes yet for acceptance. If you have any questions on where your submission stands, please ask a committee member. Also- please update the twitter sheet: http://furrybasketball.com/wiki/index.php?title=Twitter

Player Ranking

At the end of the Combine Challenge, the league front office provided their list ranking the Top 24 players.

  1. Terry O'Toole
  2. Trevor Cruz
  3. Michael River
  4. José Carrestados
  5. Dragomir Balabanov
  6. Mike Rising
  7. Dennis Summers
  8. Andrew McDonald-Rainbow
  9. Desdemona Iverson
  10. Nikolay Volkov
  11. Alexa Franchesca
  12. Katrina Kuehn
  13. Lisa Belle DuPont
  14. Reagan St. Croix
  15. Kiara Hughes
  16. Kassius Waterson
  17. Duncan Kuqi
  18. Spiro Fotiadis
  19. Josiah Ide
  20. Rudy Cohyn Molony
  21. Tenma Aozora
  22. Paul Driscoll
  23. Kendrick Komminsk
  24. Mason Lowe

On the Cusp

These players can very close to being considered for the Top 24, but just fell short.

Draft Results

  1. Terry O'Toole (Irish Wolfhound, G/F, ALB)
  2. Dennis Summers (Kangaroo, G, TXS)
  3. José Carrestados (Crested Owl, G, TAL)
  4. Michael River (Water Deer, F, PLY)
  5. Mike Rising (Red Wolf, G/F, SJT)
  6. Andrew McDonald-Rainbow (Australian Magpie, G, LOR)
  7. Nikolay Volkov (Steppe Wolf, F/C, LVG) (traded to WPG)
  8. Trevor Cruz (Painted Bat, G/F, PLY)
  9. Dragomir Balabanov (European Hare, F, HNT)
  10. Antoinette Baraquin (Raccoon, G, QNS)
  11. Duncan Kuqi (Stoat, F, DAK) (from PLY)
  12. Lisa Belle DuPont (Yellow-Necked Mouse, G, LVG) (from WPG)
  13. Desdemona Iverson (Yellow Perch, F, EDM) (traded to BGR)
  14. Reagan St. Croix (Polar Bear, C, MON)
  15. Alexa Franchesca (Black Panther, G/F, HNT)
  16. Katrina Kuehn (Horse, F, SAS)
  17. Tenma Aozora (Kitsune, F, WIL) (traded to ALB)
  18. Kiara Hughes (Spotted Leopard, G, TEN)
  19. Spiro Fotiadis (Phoenix, C, BAL)
  20. Rudy Cohyn Molony (Wolly Rhinocerous, F/C, SAS)
  21. Kendrick Komminsk (Snow Leopard, F/C, ALK)
  22. Martin Kreilinger (Prairie Dog, G, PLY)
  23. Nigel Conway (Cacomistle, F/G, TXS)
  24. Paul Driscoll (Pudu, G, SEA)
  25. Dante Cruz (Leopard, F/C, WIL) (from ALB)
  26. Kassius Waterson (North American River Otter, C, EDM) (from BGR)
  27. Tyler Conley (Husky, F, TAL)
  28. Kaiden Lightfoot (African Wild Dog, G/F, BAL)
  29. Nikoloz Kaukhchishvili (Lammergeier, C/F, SJT)
  30. Mason Lowe (Malamute, C, LOR)
  31. Kelsey Komminsk (Snow Leopard, F, LVG)
  32. Lukas Aukstakalnis (White Rhino, F/C, PIT)
  33. Mathieu Dupuis (Golden Jackal, F, HNT)
  34. Kenan Açıkgöz (Persian Leopard, F, SJT)
  35. Josiah Ide (Raccoon, G, PIT)
  36. Bayley Rivera (Gray Wolf, G, WPG)
  37. Gaston Tudor (Indri Lemur, C/F, BGR) (from EDM)
  38. Mathias Locke (Kangaroo, F, MON)
  39. Homer Berenson (Golden Retriever, F, HNT)
  40. Hristijan Kitanovski (Šarplaninac, C, TXS)
  41. Wisdom Musankabala (Sable Antelope, G/F, WIL)
  42. Robert Poisson (Pine Marten, C/F, ALK)
  43. RaeAnne Brookins (Tayra, G, EDM)
  44. Etienne Barré-Boulet (Jackalope, G, SAS)
  45. Gabriel Castellanos (Cacomistle, G, ALK)
  46. Ashley Cope (Red Fronted Lemur, G, DAK)
  47. Cyrus Culver (Abyssinian Ground Hornbill, G, BGR)
  48. Reed Carter (Red Squirrel, G, SEA)