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A very critical game raised some eyebrows here in Tennessee when some bizarre coincidences started to occur. In the first quarter, things started off lopsided as Biloxi took off with an early lead, 22 to 11. The Moonshiners seemed almost amateurish compared to the Voodoo, quite often distracted whenever they would take possession of the ball.

But by the second quarter, it was clear that something odd was going on. Like clockwork, for every basket the Moonshiners put up, Biloxi would come back with two more, just like it. And I’m not exaggerating when I say, that Biloxi literally ran the same play that Tennessee did, would steal the ball from the Moonshiners, and do it again.

Tennessee, for as much as they could predict what was going on, started to suffer a cavalcade of injuries. Or, what seemed like injuries but actually turned out to be… well… nothing. Hank Sawyer (Virginia Opossum, G) clearly twisted his ankle hard, but once the ball was out of his paws, he had no trouble walking. Tryce Peter Mallark (Gelada Baboon, F) flat-out tripped over nothing as he tried to defend, grabbed his arm while he was on the floor like it was broken, but lay unnoticed by the referee until Biloxi scored, after which he dusted himself off like nothing had every happened.

These little “slip-ups” continued through the 3rd quarter, during which Hal Dufrain (American Alligator, F/C) and Darius Cole (Alligator, C) pulled themselves out of the game to stand in a huddle the team’s general manager, Thomas Royall (Male White Tailed Deer) while the rest of the team played on. Just as the quarter ended, Dufrain shouted “We reversed it!” Eagle-eyed fans spotted him tossing a small object to the coach, who pocketed it before bringing the team in.

The last quarter saw a reversal of the previous quarters, where in whenever Biloxi scored, Tennessee scored two baskets. Biloxi’s swagger had been blown, and they spent the rest of their game trying to run out the clock, making a very distinct and pointed attempt not to shoot any more baskets.

I asked Tanya Feckle (Gerenuk, F/G) afterwards what she thought of the strange game, but she just smirked and responded. “Sometimes you get lucky.”

In related news, one of our readers snapped the photo below of Sterling Bengtzing (Marbled Polecat, C/F) carrying a box of Tennessee plushies out of the gift shop earlier this afternoon. Maybe he’s starting a collection?

-- Chris Whalen, FSPN

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