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It's your Rad Jag, Zane Donovan, live from Virginia! We're here on Game 5 of this series that pits out two division rivals, the Williamsburg Minutemen and the Baltimore Spirits. The Virginia-based team juuuuust edged out the Spirits on the divisional title, but being 2-wins a piece, this might be the one where it'll all be decided, so players, take it away!

The Spirits waste no time in recovering for the last loss in home soil, with Erik Toivonen opening up the score for this evening, followed by two easy shots by the coffeehusky, one three, establishing 7 over 0 in less than two minutes! Williamsburg didn't slack, as McCloud went for an alley-oop shortly after, and a minor fessup by Munteanu put Crystal Davis on the free-throw line for a 4 point play. Nevertheless, the Spirits didn't come to just play, as the 13 point lead shows all of us!

BAL 33 WIL 20

The second quarter came around and Williamsburg definetly didn't want to fall short, as Mikaylah Marley sent a rain of threes blazing through the away team's lines. But once Toivonen stole the ball from the home team, it was a straight-up assault: Fed by Rob the Mun, Umaechi stormed through the woods to bring up his score from 10 to 18, as La Tierra and Marley kept up against the Toivonen-Hartnett walls. As this quarter seemed up to end in a 28-28 tie, a last-second shot by Jõao-Miguel Tavares squeaks through to give the Spirits another lead

BAL 63 WIL 48

As the bench moves up to let the starters rest, the SAS-adquired pieces, DVS and LV came through to defend the fort, but a big crash against Toivonen sent the black feline down with an injury. In a series this close, it may spell trouble in the near future. Umaechi kept the scores up, but Williamsburg found a way to close the gap, Hu and Rebecca keeping the visitors at bay. Williamsburg seems to have recovered their mojo, and even with a 10-point decifit, sure still feels like it's anyone's game

BAL 89 WIL 79

The Minutemen kept up as they took advantage of the early distraught mindset the McDyess' injury gave the Spirits. Renee Fiora and Marcella Oliviera's efforts shown strongly, as they managed to chip up on the gap more and more and morneuntil it was a tied game. Neither McCloud, Hartnett or Hu were intent in ceding, as it kept 101 a piece for the longest time, between missed shots and blocks. It seemed this game is going to go overtime unless a shock came upaaaaaaand Umaechi with a surprise three in the very last second! Giving this one to the Spirits! Without much excitement from home, the coffeehusky was named Player of the Game, while Toivonen and Hartnett can boast their double-doubles. Marley with a big number from their bench, and Fiora and McCloud with double-doubles of their own. This series might have tipped in favor of the Spirits, but it's all far from done as we go to Baltimore next. This has been Zane Donovan! Bag it and tag it!

BAL 104 WIL 101

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