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It never should have gotten to this point. Yet here we are.

Shawshank Stadium. Game 7 between the top seeded Bangor Tides and the fiesty, persistent 8th seeded Huntsville Mayors, who refuse to go down without a fight.

And oh, it's been quite the battle.

Having anticipated a clean sweep of the vastly overwhelmed Mayors, the Tides let their opponent hang around. Tempers flared on both sides. A historic performance by Wendy Brown on the brink of elimination earned them one win. But it wasn't really a big deal. It was just one win. A gentlemen's sweep was sure to follow next game.

Then the Mayors came out swinging again, delivering another gut punch the Bangor team didn't anticipate, scoring a second win, this one on the favorites' home floor. Trash talk on social media and on the court ratcheted up. The Mayors could sense uncertainty. They smelled blood. The ragtag team of defiant warriors just would not die.

And as if the rivalry between these two hard-nosed teams wasn't spicy enough, the personal rivalry between Wendy Brown and Lance Wildfyre was stoking the flames even higher. Some intense trash talk ensued throughout Game 6 between the saber and the rabbit (mostly the saber, although the rabbit wasn't backing down) which all came to a head after Wildfyre's game-tying three pointer at the buzzer was deemed only a two, handing Huntsville the victory and forcing an unthinkable Game 7 and a chance at an impossible upset. And as the teams exited the floor, Wendy approached the dejected and annoyed Wildfyre, to which the bunny replied by shoving her into another player, causing quite a bit of chaos, profanity and a $15,000 fine for the two diminutive point guards.

Afterwards the trash talking on Twitter didn't stop. It was like an endless fountain of playoff drama and we all loved it!

Wendy Brown, apparently amused by her opponent being fined, retweeted the announcement of the bunny's misfortune on Twitter. She also fired a couple of shots, questioning openly what a loss next game would do for Lance's legacy.

"wouldnt it suck 2b known as the "mvp" who choked away a 3-0 lead n the fckn 1st rd?" Hashtag "no pressure"

Would Lance Wildfyre be affected at all by Wendy's jabs or the stunning outcome of Game 6? Or would he overcome yet again and shoot for the stratosphere? (yet again?)

It all comes down to this. Game 7. Winner advances. Loser goes fishing.

(to be continued...)

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