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Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals at Sofawolf Stadium- Sioux Falls, South Dakota- Seattle v Dakota. The Summit took an overtime thriller at home and need a win to keep the series going.

Want to know how close these games have been? Coming into tonight Seattle has scored a total of 556 points. Dakota? 555. A single point difference and yet the bikers only needed this win to send themselves into the finals once more.

First quarter action had Seattle go up early with a combination of Kinny DeMarcus, Evan Marshall and Jeri Naranjo leading the green team up 14-0. It took the Black and White Dakota almost six minutes to get the game and score their first bucket.

Hell, things were starting to look out of hand before this one even started with Summit outscoring the Bikers 31-18 by the end of the first quarter capped off by an end of quarter buzzer beater by Totes McGoats Treshaun Carnell.

End of first: 31-18 Seattle

Dakota finally started to show life in the second when Matthew Silvius started hitting 3's. Silvius would end up going an insane 7 for 11 from behind the arc by the time the night was over. Three of those treys came here in the second of those helping get the Motormen back within single digits by the end of the half, 49-41 Seattle.

Half: 49-41 Seattle.

By the second half, things started to get dirty as Dakota continued to scratch and claw over the twin towers of Turner and DQ. Props to Samantha Canuteson and Ben Durby for doing all they could, but you can only do so much when you're muzzle to muzzle against a competitor who has over eight inches of height on you. The shorter pair would end up going a combined 6 for 25 against the Giants of the Evergreen with potential DPoY DQ pitching a shutout against the smaller Orca.

Midway through the third, Dakota tries to get cute and puts Dylan Redfield on Turner in a massive mismatch. The red fox ends up scoring twice on the red deer and Dylan clearly looks pissed. After a quick whistle and time-out later,Turner looks to make it three straight on the buck but Dylan makes a… well, suspect move and sends the red fox to the floor. No foul as the ref calls it clean but the Seattle bench is irate. Especially with the deer's… let’s just call it past history. Turner would actually be taken off the court and sent into the back for a concussion protocol exam, missing the remainder of the third and more.

Dakota, smelling blood strikes with speed as Silvius, Lawyer and Redfield work the mid-range as well as anyone in the league. Kinny DeMarcus and Evan Marshall hold more than their own but by the end of the third the Bikers are back to within a second score.

We go into the final frames with more nerves showing than a dried out jellyfish. Both teams end up going shot for shot with one another until finally Dakota manages to break ahead and go up by 8 with 5 minutes remaining. 96-88. Seattle needs a spark and it gets one with the Firefox coming out of the locker finally given the all clear. The Burner is met with more boo's than a paranormal convention, but he's exactly the light Seattle needs to keep in this game. The former MVP manages to score twice on a pair of designed screens and acts as a decoy on Margaret Walters's long bomb to send Dakota's lead to a single basket: 98-95 with sub-2 minutes remaining.

Dakota takes their time and works the perimeter trying to find an opening. The ball ends up in Redfield's paws but a misplay causes the deer's shot to be blocked by Quvianuq's massive mitt. DQ's seen that move from his former wingman back at Dakota far too often to be fooled by it. 1:30 left and Seattle runs another pick and roll to get Turner open from behind the arc. Wait What?! Turner moves to shoot the three and confusion runs rampant. It's a fake and both Samantha and Durby are left out of position for a pass to Marshall. Marshall moves for a quick roll in and is fouled by Durby. That's his fifth and with the score we're tied. 98-love.

The Dakota crowd is on their feet but you can taste the tension in the room like an overcooked steak. A minute left with the Bikers inbounding and Biker's coach Gregory Lincoln must have done the napkin math because Dakota moved quick. Lawyer on the inbound when Redfield runs a screen on DeMarcus. Lawyer breaks for the basket which frees up Naranjo bites on and leads to a wide open Silvius. Again from range and the long-tailed sniper drills it deep. Ref's go to replay but confirm the weasel was off the line 101-98.

Time-out, Seattle and we restart with 35 seconds in the game. Will they go for 3 or try to score and force the foul? In bound Summit and they go straight to Turner who is double teamed by Durby and Canuteson. Turner feints a drive passes to Kinny before no-looking the ball to Quvianuq. DQ with the jam AND the foul on Canuteson! Pressure time for the bear with those tire gripper sized paws but the polar bear is ice-cold and finishes the shot. We are tied! 101-101

Dakota inbounds with 20 seconds left. They're moving slow trying to get the last shot. Seattle is content with letting them have it. Turner calling out no foul over and over again. 10 seconds.. 8 seconds.. Silvius continues to dribble against DeMarcus. Crossover… crossover with a head fake. DeMarcus doesn't bite. Weasel running out of time tries to drive. DeMarcus has him stride for stride. Silvius tries to kick it out to Redfield but Marshall dives to get a pinfeather on it. Redfield has to readjust before he can shoot. It's in but he's late! Dakota doesn't even start celebrating this one. Even with the Ref's confirming the call it's beyond clear Redfield's release came after the buzzer. Marshall's tip made a world of difference and we go to extra time. 101-101.

Five minutes of overtime tick down to one as we go into the final seconds 107-107. Seattle with 50 seconds on the clock and Turner is playing point forward against his old UK sparring partner Durby. The two know each other's moves far too well and bulky built buck doesn't flinch at the fox's moves. Time is ticking, Turner drives on Durby, and he’s got a window but kicks it out again to DQ for the slam. No foul on Canuteson this time! Seattle wanted it but the home court ref gives none.

Dakota in bounding with 35 seconds left down 109-107. Durby and Redfield pass back and forth but Turner and DQ are a fence of Washington Redwoods on the paint. Dylan backs off Silvius, Silvius tries to drive on Demarcus but the snek won’t budge. Kick out to Lawyer. Lawyer with a moment on Naranjo for contested three. He got it! Shot of the year for Lawyer over Naranjo! Time out Seattle 110-109 with 17.4 seconds left.

Naranjo inbounds and everyone in the stadium knows what's going to happen next. Dakota spreads defensively while Durby sticks to Turner like glue. This is an instant classic in the making and it all comes down to this.

The freak of a Firefox is posturing at the edge of the paint against his Not-So-United Kingdom friend and rival. Dakota can't double team the fox yet but both Redfield and Canuteson are within a stride away. 8 seconds... 6 seconds.. Naranjo moves to Turner on 5. Turner catches, pivots one way then shifts to the other. Durby bites on the move. Turner with the open fade away... It spins on the inner edge of rim but falls out! Buzzer! Time expires! Cue the confetti and rev those engines- Dakota is your Western Conference Finals Champions!

The Evergreen teamers cannot believe it. Turner had the shot but just could not finish. Durby and Turner share words and a hug before Dakota takes the court for the award ceremony.

Player of the Game: Matthew Silvius (Long-Tailed Weasel, G) - 33 pts, 1 reb, 10 ast, 3 stl, 2 blk

Jack Kanter - FSPN Sports

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