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The buzzer rang at what seemed to be the halftime of a promising game for the Voodoo, and as the dancers took center stage, the players all headed to their respective seats to keep the strategies going.

Sterling was walking next to captain Evans, with looking fairly confident at the outlook. "This seems to be Derek's game, and the backcourt's writing by itself..." the Great Dane elaborated

"Long as we keep the 4 at bay and the three-points connecting, we're going to-" the polecat halted, looking at the courtside seats at the left side of their bench. "Say what?" he smiled, going away from his team to greet two deer decked in Voodoo attire.

"Oh my god No way..." one of the duo gasped at the sight of the towering polecat making his way toward the seats.

"Horny Harry, how are ya?" Sterling's expression lit up, grinning widely, shaking the older cervine's hand. "Been fucking ages, damn..." he said in awe.

"Sacrifice, you almost lost a fuckin eye, the pals pulled ya out, the norm" Harry laughed. "This is my sister Ellie, we had these seats for ages, but to meet ya? this is so surreal..." The younger sister was awestruck, but greeted the polecat back, holding a poster and a silver marker.

"Your brother and I had a blast at that concert, too bad Sacrifice sorta sucks now..." Sterling said, snatching the sister's marker and poster, signing it. "It's a long drive from here, how ya get here?"

"Yo, Beast, game plan's on!" Andrius called, making his way back.

"Hey Andy, come sign this shit!" Sterling called for the Lithuanian wolf, who made his way to the scene, both confused and amused. But as long as he could talk to the polecat to go back.

"Lee's calling us up" Andrius insisted.

"Yeah yeah, I'm coming, hope you have been on good concerts, it's been dry as fuck where I've been" Sterling kept the conversation with Harry going, but the calls from his teammates were gradually growing, making him sprint back to their way.

The older cervine called the polecat up. "Wait wait! Before you go, can we have drinks? I wanna have drinks together!" Harry exclaimed. "I ain't using a fake ID anymore!"

"Tonight! Make that tonight!" the mustelid exclaimed loudly, the other fans next to the cervines cheering the unusual scenario. "Whatever happens, we going for drinks out, holy crap good to meet'cha again, man, better see ya again!" Sterling said hurriedly, making his way back to the team's bench, some players looking amused at the exchange happening, and the ones who were skeptical quickly changed their minds as the Voodoo's lead was held all the way to the final buzzer.

"The house always wins!" Sterling exclaimed. "Crap, gotta call 'em up..." he said on his way to the locker room, heading out to cheer for a good first victory.

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