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It's hard to say what was more impressive about last night's match between the Plymouth Taproots and the visiting Tallahassee Typhoons: the performance of the suddenly reborn Taproots, or the utter failure of Typhoons rookie José Carrestados (Crested Owl, G).

The Florida team's pair of bison - Apiatan Redmane (Water Buffalo, G) and Rosalie Smoot (American Bison, F/C) - may as well have been pack oxen, seeing how they carried pretty much the entire team by themselves. The duo combined for more than half the team's total points. Carrestados, meanwhile, took 6 shots (including 4 from beyond the arc) and sunk exactly zero of them, while simultaneously racking up enough fouls to be sent to the dressing room before the third quarter had ended.

To be fair, the Massachusetts team had their own rookie problems as well. Michael River (Water Deer, F) was kept to only 4 points, though he did contribute 7 rebounds to the cause; perhaps he was stymied by a team seeking vengeance for a region recently ravaged by a hurricane of the same name. The Taproots were elevated by the expected stellar performance of their newly acquired stars, veteran journeysnake Kinny DeMarcus (Hairy Bush Viper, G) and 'Tallfox' Jake Turner (Red Fox, C/F).

The fowl's excessive fouling may well have been the difference, as the two teams final stats were pretty well matched otherwise. The Taproots sunk more threes, but the Typhoons got in more field goals overall. The Plymouth squad's advantage of 27-17 from the charity stripe (10 of those points directly from Carrestados's winged nocturnal opposite, Trevor Cruz (Painted Bat, G/F)) more than compensated for the imbalance, and the home team won by six.

-S. St. James

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