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It was clear that the Kahunas needed to work overdrive since their starting Small Forward Warren Doyle was determined to be out of service for the long term, but not even the shrewdest pundit after seeing them stealing a win away from the Las Vegas Wildcards would bet to see numbers like these.

The game started relatively normal, with Zack Tate winning the tipoff, and the newly acquired Jona Vastenhout debuting the scoreboard for the game. The Voyageurs had it clear that, without Doyle, they would put extra effort on their forwards, namely captain Yves Carbonneau, who took the chance to foul different Kahunas each time in order to get to the free throw line and keep a stream of baskets flowing. But nevertheless, they didn't count on one crucial thing: Julian Cross-Kiraly. He was indeed known as a high scorer, but something about that night made a big chunk of his shots go in. Close-up, mid-way and namely his specialty, threes. As Kevin Malka held off the Kahuna leader Scoonie Barrett to a score lower than his usual big numbers, they knew that this game was all about their guard line.

Not a lot of players could claim they had 30 points in halftime, but it was well set that the French saluki was going for his third 40-point game, making him one of the players with the most times he reached that line over this season. But this was not the only interesting factor: Despite some early foul trouble, Alphonse Norwich IV was on his way for a double-double and ranking up a decent amount of points. As the game progressed, they'd agree that he would keep less of a board-driven game and focus on passing (namely towards Julian, whose threes were constantly sinking) to stall the foul issues. As the game drew to a close, the away team keeping a sizable advantage, one pass towards the saluki meant that the British rat reached a feat most starters were hard-pressed to obtain: a triple double. And in good time as he was fouled out literally six seconds after. Despite a perceived funk, the rat proved media wrong: he always had it. Blanc Mange took over most of the work as Norwich and Kikian were unable to continue, and after two extra free throws from a foul by Mike Timmids, JCK passed up and scored 50 points. And with the Kahunas' having last possession, made it up to 53.

It was only then that the canine realised of his milestone, immediately celebrated by his Pac-Rim peers, growing increasingly more giddy and proud as he was told of the season records he broke: Most field goals, Most three pointers and most points. And don't get him started on the news that indeed, the Kahunas clinched a playoff spot.

"Just want others to remember Alfie also did a damn triple double. He ain't on a rut, he never was!" he laughed off. "Couldn't do it with Jona, the master passer, and all my team! WE'RE ON THE PLAYOFFS, ALLEZ!" the tattooed saluki beamed with pride.

"It's insane to see a game like that, but it's SO good when it's YOUR team on that game!" Vastenhout quipped.

Scoonie was unfazed about his relatively low performance, what some would say. "I'm proud of this team. If Jay busting records and Alfie making a triple double and making sure other starters die of envy means I don't bring 30 one winnning game, fine by me! Now time to rep the Kahunas and hear them roar!" the mustelid continued.

The island team is in the middle of an away stretch, hoping to clench the games they can as Warren recovers.

~Zane Donovan. FSPN.com

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