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The 2019–20 FBA season is the IC 59th/OOC 11th season of the Furry Basketball Association (FBA). The league was overseen by Commissioner Hugo Livingstone for a third season. The regular season begins on Thursday, October 31st, 2019 with the traditional Howlereen Invitational game, and ended on Thursday, April 30th, 2020, with the 2020 FBA All-Star Game scheduled at the end of February.

Notable occurrences



The following players declared their retirement from active player status in the league:

Free agency

Free agency offers open shortly after 12:01am CDT on Saturday September 1st. Players will be able to begin accepting offers after the end of the first round of the 2019 FBA Draft on Saturday September 7th. The offer window closed at 11:59pm PDT on Sunday September 30th, 2019, while players had until 11:59pm PDT on Saturday October 14th, 2018, to finalize their contract decisions.


The preseason will be held from October 15th through October 29th, 2019, with a maximum of 6 preseason games allowed per team.

Regular season

The regular season began on Thursday, October 31st, 2019 and ended on Thursday, April 30th, 2020. For the majority of the season, teams alternated which days they would be playing games, with some extended breaks in between matches. Every team had at least one set of back-to-back home games, while half of the Western Conference teams also had a set of back-to-back home games.


League Standings as of
Rk Team Rec L10 Streak Long
1 50px
2 50px
3 50px
4 50px
5 50px
6 50px
7 50px
8 50px
9 50px
10 50px
11 50px
12 50px
13 50px
14 50px
15 50px
16 50px
17 50px
18 50px
19 50px
20 50px
21 50px
22 50px
23 50px
24 50px


By division

Template:2019-20 FBA Plains standings Template:2019-20 FBA Mountain standings Template:2019-20 FBA Pacific Rim standings


Template:2019-20 FBA Northern standings Template:2019-20 FBA Central standings Template:2019-20 FBA Southern standings

By conference

Template:2019–20 FBA West standings


Template:2019–20 FBA East standings


  • (#) - Magic number for team to clinch division/conference
  • z – Clinched home court advantage for the entire playoffs
  • c – Clinched home court advantage for the conference playoffs
  • y – Clinched division title
  • x – Clinched playoff spot
  •  – teams banned from this season's playoffs due to rule violations


The playoffs began in May 2020 and will conclude with the 2020 Finals.

FBA Finals