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Ash Van Zant...Truly The Rising Tide!

And it's is another thundering night for the Tides! Not just because of the win but it was a bit...more for a certain rookie. For Ash Van Zant, tonight marked his first Player of The Game award! Just look at him reveling in the glory...the fans love him!

Despite being a Tide, fair to say that raccoon was on fire tonight! Sure, most pros can put up twenty points on an average night but that's where Ash differs. Even on his worst nights he finds something to put on the statsheet and on his best nights...he still does. Seeing some of the passes he put up, it's clear he's got an eye for the game. Like that behind the back dish to Lance Wildfyre or what about how he bounced a dime to Tia Terra through the legs of Micah Davenport? And that's merely two of his seven assists tonight...an all time high for him might I add.

Another real highlight i'd say was his pair of three pointers in the final quarter where it looked like the Pride might make a comeback. I think that previous string of losses before the break sparked something in him, seeing the Pride's score creeping up and you could actually hear him at the timeout going "Them...take the lead...I don't think so!" which led to a particularly strong chain of moves from the rookie raccoon, utterly hellbent on not tasting a loss at home. Shall we recap...

Starting at the Pride's inbound, first thing you see is him rush Melanie Thompson and strip the ball followed by a juke on the fastbreak to sink a three at the top of the arc. Wouldn't have thought of that for a fastbreak play but he pulled it off. Next play we see him hit on yet another three, this time from the right corner. He doesn't take a lot of three pointers but when he does...he seems to make them count. Completing the trifecta, Ash drove hard and laid the ball in, drawing a foul on Davenport, forcing him out of the game and nailing the and 1 free throw to top it off. That's one way to tell 'em "No, not in our house!"

Even looking down on the court now you can just see him chatting it up with some of the fans. Even with his rough and rocky demeanor he's still quite the heart to him. Wait...what's he...oh, how nice, he's giving his sweatbands away to a couple of his younger fans. Certainly they'll want a reminder of this game!

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