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"Starting tonight at Power Forward...Number 22, give it up for Lucy Jo Heitkamp!"

The young spider ran through the line of teammates as she joined the starters on the court. She was a bundle of nerves, hoping that she'd do enough to get them a much needed win. She seemed to catch a glance of her family in the courtside seating area. She mouthed 'I love you' before she got into position for tip-off.

And what a night she had! Joining Marcus Knight in netting a double-double, the second of her career...all still in her rookie year! She got her number called up in the Lone Stars' hour of need and she came through. I swear in Austin Arena they'll start calling the paint JoJo's Web leading her team in rebounds. Man the way that spider can jump you'd think her legs were pogo sticks! And to top it off she show3ed she can score tonight, and with variety in range! Couple mid-range catch and shoot shots, lay ups, a dunk and even the corner three she hit...Not a huge part of her game but when she needs to she can go from long range.

As the final buzzer sounded, JoJo jumped for joy waving to the onlooking crowd. When asked by commentators how she was feeling. Her answers were like her, simple and honest.

"Well, the chance to start tonight was a real honor. And i'm glad I was impactful...y'know it's just...I could feel it tonight you know? LaChance trusted me to fill in for Whitelatch tonight and i'd say he's pleased with what he saw tonight."

While the Lone Stars still have an uphill battle ahead of them if they wanna get into the post-season, with youth like Heitkamp they certainly have a bright future ahead of them.

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