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When a team that has already locked in the best record in their division plays a team that is firmly ensconced in their own conference's basement, usually the outcome is a foregone conclusion. Instead what transpired Wednesday night was a surprisingly thrilling cross-conference matchup in the Badlands. The Pittsburgh Keystones have been struggling this season, but you wouldn't know it from this game. Second-best in the west Dakota Bikers had to earn their win, never winning the quarter-by-quarter contest by more than two points, eking out the final win by a slim five point margin. Did it matter that starter Benjamin Durby (Fallow Deer, C/F) was injured in the first quarter? Perhaps, but a team of Dakota's caliber should be expected to have better depth at center - at the very least, that is a lesson their potential playoff opponents may want to pay attention to, even if the scouting reports on Pittsburgh can be discarded once the postseason starts.

-S. St. James

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