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One of the tops bananas of the West going up against the basement of the West...not much to see here right? Well...

In a bit of a lesser seen moment, there was a smaller tale of success. One revolving about a certain owl...No one really knew what to think when Bethany Smythes announced her intent to return to the league after over a decade, or what the Bikers' front office had in mind when signing her. Analysts were saying everything from pity contract to a gamble. Throughout the season it's clear this is a rehab season for her, bit of an unceremonious return it'd seem mostly occupying the final bench slot and playing minimal minutes.

Tonight however, seemed to be a bit of a different story...Due to some injuries in the lineup, she got moved up in rotation and for tonight we got to see a glimmer or two of that once All-Star that injuries seemed to all but destroy. Four outta five shots falling and not a single turnover to her name. Nine points, three assists, a rebound and a steal might not seem like the most exciting thing but for Bethany, i'm sure this was quite the little victory, even some of the Whips' home crowd seemed happy to see her having a good night.

We were able to get her for a minute or two post-game. When asked about her return she answered with "Just glad to be back on the hardwood after all this time honestly. Hell i'd have been fine playing in the D-league but...for a high caliber squad like the Bikers finding room for me, it's a real honor. Not to mention, this feels like the first game in a while where I was impactful. Let this be an example to any player wrestling with injuries, personal demons or whatever's plaguing you...you CAN come back, it's never too late! If an old bird like me can get back in the game after over ten years, so can you!"

Ain't that quite the little story? Anyways signing off, this is Merrick Collins! Bethany looks to the camera as they sign off "Tonight was for you Pops! Love you!"

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