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Carbonneau's winning buzzer beater ties series up against Dakota

Against a heavily favored Dakota Bikers, the Winnipeg Voyageurs are proving doubters wrong with their Great defensive play.

After nearly leaving Dakota with a win in game 2, many seemed to noticed that Winnipeg defensive style of play seemed to be getting into the Bikers's nerves, as Winnipeg managed an impressive 111-105 win on game 3. As game 4 approached many experts suggested that this will be the true test if Winnipeg's momentum and resolve was true or just a mirage as the Bikers would just bounce back and take over the serie.

As game 4 begun, things seemed to look that way, as after a quarter, the Bikers were up 38-21 on Winnipeg. But even as things looked difficult, No ones on the Winnipeg's bench seemed to be in panic, especially the team captain Yves carbonneau, who was constantly talking and encouraging his teammates alongside their coach Teres Kalin, and soon enough the momentum shifted, as the the halftime ended 63-58 in favor of the bikers.

As the game resumed after the half, it was a fired up Winnipeg squad that took over the quarter as the Bikers had trouble finding shots and driving the basket, constantly harassed and bullied on the court as you could see annoyance and frustration in the face of Dakota's players, As the big 3 (Matthew Silvius, Jonathan Lawyer and Benjamin Durby) While having a decent outings (best been Durby with a double double (16 points and 13 rebounds)). played just under their expected caliber of play. After 3 quarters, Winnipeg led 90-81.

As the final quarter started, Riverside Stadium was on their paws as it was a ruthless battle of attrition as every points where earned without great difficulty. But as the quarter ticked down, Dakota slowly clawed back into the lead with near minuted to play With the efforts of the MVPs ( Silvius: 19 points Lawyer: 21 points) and a good game from Small forward Duncan Kuqi (19 points) until he had to leave the game after fouling out. The game came down to mere seconds as after a series of free throws from Lawyer. putting the game up 111-109 for the Bikers. The Voyageurs would quickly run into Dakota zone as Kevin Malka would catch everyone off-guard and drive into the kennel for a layup which happened to be a bait as the Pangolin would toss it mid layup to Yves Carbonneau who was right at the top of the woods as he lunched a quickdraw 3 pointer that Dakota Forward Georges Poulletier tried to launch himself to block, only to miss as the buzzer would shout, and the Basket....went in.

Riverside Stadium nearly blew up in a deafening roar of triumph as non would roar as loud as Yves Carbonneau, as the artic fox jumped on the scoring table, taking his shirt off and beat his chest, right at his heart. He then jumped back into the welcoming arms of his teammates as the Voyageurs left the Bikers completely stunned and exhausted. Yves would finnish the game with 33 points, 3 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 steals. Kevin Malka, the one responsible for allowing the game winning shot ended with only 4 points and 5 rebounds, but remained a defensive force with 3 steals and 4 Blocks. James Caliber and Wallace Butler ended with 15 points respectively and Nikolay Volkov ended up with 17 points.

Now only time will tell if the Voyageurs will continue on this inspiring run as they will return to Dakota for game 5.

- Charles Bergeron, Montreal Gazelle

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