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It's Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals in Roots Garden, here in Plymouth, Massachusetts! I’m Scott Masterson of the Fleacher Report, and I’d like to welcome everyone to today’s matchup between the Plymouth Taproots and the Biloxi Voodoo! This series against each other has certainly met the pundits’ expectations by going all the way to the final deciding match; both sides have proven to be formidable opponents towards each other, as neither side has been able to defeat the other on away ground. Can Biloxi break this trend by sinking the fangs on enemy territory, or will Plymouth prevail with the help of the full stadium crowd surrounding the court?

First quarter:

And we’re off! The first jump ball is easily won by the 7’11’’ behemoth center, Jake Turner! Plymouth easily starts on a quick 9-0 scoring run to begin the quarter based on Jake and his post partner Michael River’s domination of the Voodoo’s rim, complete with an and-one on Sterling Bengtzing by Jake. After a quick timeout, however, the Voodoo are back in the game again; Tanya Feckle scores all three of her three-pointers and Sterling nails all three of his shots from the post, and the Voodoo fight back and forth with the Taproots to assert domination over the other. Near the end of the quarter, however, Jake seems to complain of what looks to be a sprain on his left ankle, and right as the quarter ends with the two teams tied 31 apiece, Jake is last seen being supported on each side by his teammates as they make their way to the locker room. Jake has scored 13 of the teams 31 points this quarter, and should he make an early exit again, this could be devastating for the prospects of the Taproots. Fans are holding their breath in hopes that this does not amount to anything serious...

BLV 31 - 31 PLY

Second quarter:

The players are walking out of their respective locker rooms… and to the relief and ecstasy of the home fans, Jake Turner is back on the court for quarter number two! Unlike the first quarter, however, Jake’s workload does not seem to be as intense this quarter as we see the rotation players step up; instead, the main attraction for this quarter is the battle between the two teams’ star point guards! Both Derek Kim and Kinny DeMarcus put up nine points apiece while leading the team in assists this quarter as well. Ryan Malone cleverly draws two fouls against his matchup of Yesina Selas as he sinks all four free throws to get six points for the quarter. Meanwhile, Tanya Feckle has gotten in foul trouble by racking up four fouls already, which does not bode well for the starter-oriented lineup of the Voodoo should she get fouled out. And as the first half ends, it is still too close to call it anyone’s game at.a two-point gap between the two teams, Plymouth leading by two.

BLV 66 - 68 PLY

Third quarter:

And we’re back on the court to play out the rest of this game! The Voodoo seem to be on a good roll for the first half of the quarter, keeping the score relatively even within a possession... and then disaster strikes as Tanya Feckle is called for an offensive foul, racking up her sixth foul this game and forcing her to stay on the bench for the rest of the game. Plymouth takes this opportunity to run away with the lead, rounding off a scoring run with yet another and-one by Jake over Sterling. Derek attempts to calm down the opposing crowd by sinking two straight clutch three pointers to stop the game from being completely over, but the damage has already been done; the Taproots are now nine points clear of the Voodoo coming into the final quarter. Is this the end? Can the Voodoo still pull off a miracle? We’ll find out.

BLV 86 - 95 PLY

Fourth quarter:

The Voodoo immediately attempt to go on the offensive by running what appears to be carefully orchestrated plays in order to shrink the deficit as much as possible, and with two straight three pointers from Derek and Andrius Vilkasaitis, the Voodoo strike within a single posession and attempt to close it down even further for the rest of the quarter. However, tragedy strikes yet again with five minutes remaining; after an entire game of attempting to contain the fox on fire, Sterling Bengtzing is called for his sixth foul of the game to the cheers of the home crowd, forcing backup bigfur Mark Kanter III to mark Jake for the final minutes of the game. With Sterling gone, the post might be as good as unprotected as the Taproots balloon the lead yet again based off of post plays. Derek attempts to hold the line by hitting yet another three pointer and Ryan Malone also subs in to aid the offensive, but the clock keeps winding down and the Taproots do not seem to fold under the pressure… Eventually, the Voodoo run out of timeouts to spend against the Taproots with less than 30 seconds remaining, and the Taproots claim their victory in a hard-fought seven-game series.

The Plymouth Taproots are officially the first team to make the FBA Finals this decade! Jake Turner is the player of the game with 32 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists, and a steal. They will await either the Hawaii Kahunas or the Dakota Bikers from the Western Conference Finals of tomorrow.

BLV 119 - 127 PLY

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