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Bragging rights were the only thing at stake as Australia and United States took the court - the latter already sure to finish 1st in Group B, the former ready to pack their bags after a disappointing campaign. One point of interest, though, was that this was supposed to be the last game in Barnaby Talako-Jazz's (Shark, C/F) career - the shark having announced his retirement at the end of his last season upon his marriage with Dominick Talako (Albino Orca). The Australian center was clearly moved by the occasion, wanting to give his compatriots one last hurrah as he dig hard into Zack Tate (Zorilla, C) but racking some fouls early in the 1st quarter and immediately going into foul trouble.

The Americans exploited Australia's mishaps, as they've done rather successfully throughout the tournament. Narkissa Kassius (Ringtail Lemur, G) was flawless on offense, scoring 12-in-18 and a blistering 7-in-10 from outside the arc. Her strong offensive game was complemented by Scoonie Barrett (Otter, F/C) finally stepping up after a few rocky games, the big lutrine completely overpowering Runica Falcam (Malayan Tapir, C/F) and posting a double-double of 16 points and 18 rebounds. After Talako-Jazz was pulled out of the game in the beginning of the last quarter, Australia completely fell apart - the United States capping their group showing with a fifth straight win as they defeated the Aussies 123-97.

-M. Chen, FurryOlympics.com

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