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Having finished 2nd in their group after the Canadians, team Great Britain was chomping at the bit to prove the criticism they received in the first phase was unfounded. They matched up against South Korea, a team that has grown a lot in the past four years after a group phase elimination in Rio 2016, coming quite close to the United States and providing the third best offense of the tournament this far. For most insiders, it was going to be a game to behold.

The first half was pretty tense, Arther Selby (Rabbit, G) immediately picking up from his monster game against Cameroon and proving to be a force to be reckoned with from outside the arc – the Korean backcourt of Park Hanmin (Tiger, F/C) and Seol Eunyoung (Pigeon, C) struggling to contain the young hare as he scored from pretty much everywhere, proving lethal on turnovers and fast break with the Koreans unable to match his speed. But the Asian team could count on their FBA representatives, Derek Kim (Kkachi, G) and Lee Jin-Sung (Black Bear, F) putting to a hard test even the towering Jake Turner (Red Fox, C/F) as South Korea pulled ahead by 5 at the end of 1st half, 47 to 42.

Kim opened the 2nd half with a 3-pointer that rattled the Brits, soon forced to catch up in a game that they expected to lead all throughout. The more they attempted to pull through, the more turnovers and missed opportunities they conceded to the Koreans – the ragtag group of former FBAers and national league dwellers playing with a confidence they seldom showed this far, their lead widening to 15, 20, then 25 points as Great Britain seemingly gave up trying with a full quarter still on the clock. An abysmal 33% shooting sealed their fate as South Korea claimed the win, 110 to 83 – the Asians seemingly euphoric as they get ready to tackle the USA in a historic semifinal match-up.

-M. Chen, FurryOlympics.com

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