2021 Disabled List

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This page serves as a tracking tool for all the players that have been injured or suspended during the 2019-2020 season.

Long-Term List

Players in this list are ineligible to play as a result of their injuries.

Team Name Date Out with Duration
TAL Rosalie Smoot 10/17 neck strain 7-day
PIT Jacobus van Oirschot 10/20 wrist contusion 15-day

Day-to-Day List

Players in this list may still play, but at the risk of aggravating their injury and potentially missing a greater amount of games.

Team Name Date Out with Expected
SEA Leon Delmont 10/19 bicep inflammation 10/23
LOR Anika Tonpo 10/16 handpaw inflammation 10/23

Cleared Players

Team Name Date Out With Cleared
LOR Alyssia Silverman 10/18 leg inflammation 10/20
SEA Daniel Quvianuq 10/17 shoulder inflammation 10/21
SJT Bronwyn O'Malley 10/16 forearm/wing strain 10/21