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This game started off in the firestorm's favor....sort of. Just 5 points in favor of them. But by the second quarter, you could see that the Totems were not ready to lose in their homecourt.

Where Silverman and Pratt have more experience than their Totem counterparts, Kijani and Cooper are young and hungry. The beaver and leopard put up shot after shot and were aided by the rebounds of their big furs, Dapremont and Panichkul.

With the Totems starting line of aggressiveness, they were able to get up to a 12 point lead at the end of the second quarter.

However, through the third quarter (and getting into the fourth), you could see where that aggressive play was starting to wane. The totems were practically handing free throws to the Firestorm. Pratt, Magnano, Griega, and Lowe happily accepted all free throws given to them and made nearly all of them. Pratt and Magnano alone, by the end of the game, had gotten 20 free throw attempts between the two of them!

By the end of the third quarter, the Totems were still in the works to win....but at what cost? Cooper, Panichkul, Kuusik, and Dapremont were all making it their goals to get those six personal fouls. If that's what their coach told them to aim for, then they were doing a great job.

Still, with some sort of luck, the fourth quarter only just brought those four foulers to five fouls -- except for when Cooper finally got strike number six with a defensive foul on Pratt. The husky seemed in good moods despite the foul but missed his two free throws. Maybe if he had kept his eyes focused on making those shots (instead of on the lynx to his right) then he could have sunk them all no problem!

After a really unhappy beaver went to sit out, the rest of the Totems had to keep it together. Their coach called a quick time out, (probably to take those 'free throw' coupons they seemed to be giving out) and then sent them back out. The game started with the Totems definitely playing more carefully than anything else. It wouldn't take much to get their other three starters on their sixth PF's if they weren't careful. On the opposing side, the Firestorm was starting to pull it together in an attempt to make that final push for the win...only to, in the end, lose it to the totems by five points overall.

Kijani, at 17 points, 5 rebounds, 8 assists and 3 steals was the POTG for this Totem country win.

As both teams soaked in the aftermath of the game, Pratt made his way to the totems side. Some glances were exchanged between the Totems players and even some of the Firestorm players stopped to watch.

No announcements were made overhead, nothing was wheeled out, no grand displays of anything was presented.

Instead, Akiak grabbed Kaspar by the hand and led him to the center of the court.

Some words were exchanged between the two as they held hands. Something said to Kaspar was enough to break the lynx's usual calm and cool demeanor. Whatever it was, no one was close enough to hear or know what it was Akiak was doing or saying --

Until the husky kissed Kaspar's hand and knelt down on one knee.

Then it was my turn to get up and bring them their rings.


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