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Ever since the brawl between Plymouth's Yesina Selas (Red Ruffed Lemur, G/F) and San Jose's Adam Tevela (Linsang, F) occurred back in January of 2018, there has been a strong tension in the air whenever the two players face each other on the court again. Although they haven't come to blows again, it is a constant feeling that it's not a matter of if they will fight again physically but when. This particular match-up is extra important because it is their first confrontation since the scandal last season when three women came forth with stories of physical abuse at the hands of Tevela during his high school and college years. Although Yesina Selas never admitted to being involved, there had been certain 'coincidences' that could've connected her to the conspiracy, but there was no physical evidence brought up. Then later in the season as Plymouth celebrated their championship, Selas brazenly approached one of the TV cameras in the locker room and screamed "SUCK IT, TEVELA!" while soaked in champagne.

For those waiting and watching for punches being thrown, they would be disappointed as the teams' respective head coaches timed it to minimize the actual amount of time that both Tevela and Selas shared the court together. The normally dominant Jake Turner (Red Fox, C) was stifled on the court, earning only ten points in a rare poor performance although his counterpart Rudy Cohyn Molony (Whoolly Rhinoceros, C/F) didn't perform much better with eleven points. Despite Trevor Cruz's (Painted Bat, G/F) and Tanya Feckle's (Gerenuk, F/G) strong performances, San Jose kept the lead for the majority of the game all the way to the end, when they defeated the defending champions 113-103.

Of all the players to be rewarded the Player of the Game, it was none other than Adam Tevela, with a 23-point performance along with 12 rebounds. As he celebrated the win with his teammates on the court directly after the final buzzer, he made one last look toward the dejected Plymouth bench and spotted Yesina Selas there. He walked several steps toward there but stopped a safe distance away when Selas turned to face him. He started yelling at her, including a few choice words that I cannot report here, taunting her as if wanting to bait her into doing something she shouldn't be doing.

Selas however refused to take the bait. She simply stood up, raised one of her fists to face-level and with her other hand, she pointed at her fist's ring finger to remind Adam Tevela that she is the one with the championship ring, not him. Tevela simply frowned and turned away, walking toward his locker room.

-- Tashira Rucson, FurSports-net

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