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First game back from suspension...never the easiest thing to deal with. Especially with Ash Van Zant, given all the heat surrounding him after the Tides' game against Seattle resulting in Leon Delmont's broken nose...Truth be told he didn't even know until game time if he'd be jerseying up. But sure enough come introductions...

"Starting at Shooting Guard! Number 5...Ash...Van Zant!"

Even with the home crowd he'd gotten a notably mixed reception and had a notably slow first quarter, getting fairly few touches on the ball and only putting 2 points on the board. However...that quarter was no measure for how the night was gonna go...

As the game progressed, the raccoon seemed to ramp it up like the Rising Tide many called him from day one. Whatever anger he'd been hanging on to, seemed to finally be focused. From his trick pass to Lance for the corner three in the 2nd quarter, getting 16 of his 28 points in the final quarter, his fastbreak steal to one handed jam or lob to Desi in the 3rd...He was utterly fearless...it seemed like he just didn't know how to turn it off tonight. By the end it was clear he'd won back the audience, he might not have gotten the hero's welcome but he was being cheered for like one when all said and done. Was this a flash of the hero some see him as? Only time will tell...

During his on court interview...he seemed stoic yet showing flashes of emotion here and there. "I don't know quite what took over in me, whatever it was though was pretty damn awesome! On another note though...I really gotta thank my team. They believed in me tonight clearly...Lance, Tia, Desi, Randy, Pura, Arex...all of 'em. Hell even the higher-ups...gotta thank 'em. Without 'em, wouldn't be the player I was tonight. Might not even gotten to play tonight without 'em."

"They trusted me tonight an' clearly...didn't let 'em down. And I wanna keep showin' em i'm here for 'em. No matter what the league wanna say 'bout me, I'll always have my teammates' backs and in return, i'd hope they'd have mine too."

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