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I have reported on many games in the FBA over the years, and whilst Vegas is a welcome destination for pundits and reporters alike thanks to it being the entertainmemt capital of the world. That said, if you are a basketball purist l9oking for a genuine old-school raucous atmosphere, the Dynn Complex is rarely the place to come. Followed by a small hardcore, the Wildcards are more followed with intrigue by the city on large rather than true passion, fairweather fans and tourists looking for a premier experience being just as much a part of the fanbase. The Dynn is often a more considered affair than a coliseum of sport.

Tonight was different, and one of the most hair raising experiences I have had reportimg on pro basketball. The atmosphere crackled thanks to the return of the former Vegas star Lisa Belle DuPont.

A testy off season saw a complete rebuild for the Las Vegas Wildcards were deserted by their atar player after an alleged failing relationship for the point guard. The fallout created a whole new rivalry as players swapped between the Spirits and the Wildcards. The date has been set for months, the date when the mouse who walked out on her team for nearly nothing would walk back into the Dynn. A supporting cast of stars spurned created a fixture not to be missed.

Not since the days of Dylan Redfield on Dakota away days have I seen the arrival of a player be met with such a cacophony of boos. The yellow mouse looked a little troubled by the reaction, but if her warm up felt a bit shaky, her performance was unaffected showing her class. It felt like this was a game where everyone who had a point to prove proved their point. Rodger Umaechi rolled back the years, and looked a like for like trade with DuPont rather than the makewight he'd been made into. A couple of spectacular shots after gouls were bucketed by the genet Crosby Sutters.

The game was electric, high scoring and hi octane and went into overtime. It felt like if Lisa wasnt to score the winner, there was only one player who would. Lindsey Morrison had been denoted to third choice PG at Baltimore, she moved to Vegas to join up with Umaechi, and her late bucket near on took the roof off the Dynn, the border collie gesticulating wildly to the crowd, fist pumping and making herself an instant fan favourite. Vegas had won and put the Spirits on the backfoot for once.

The awkward to play Nikolay Volkov picked up Player Of The Game nullifying many an attack. But he will have to accept he was merely a supporting cast member of what was an incredible drama.

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