Barnaby Dunbroch

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Barnaby Dunbroch
(Grizzly Bear, C)
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No. 31 – Montana Howlers
Position Center
Species Grizzly Bear ( Ursidae )
Gender Male
Barnie (Pronounced Barney)
Personal information
Born (1998-12-08) December 8, 1998 (age 21)
Falls River, Massachusetts
Nationality Scottish American
Listed height 7 ft 4 in (2.24 m)
Listed weight 281 lb (127 kg)
Shoots Right-handed
Career information
School FurMass
FBA draft 2019 / Round: 1 / Pick: 17th overall
Selected by the Montana Howlers
Pro playing career 2019–present
Career history
2019 - present Montana Howlers
Career highlights and awards
FBA Rookie All-Star (2020)
Contract information
Contract year 2019
2020 Salary $3 million
2021 Salary $3 million
Player Contacts
(IC) Agent HoVoLogo Mini.png
(OOC) Creator OmegaViking
(OOC) Actor Unknown
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Barnaby Joseph Dunbroch was born at Charlton Memorial Hospital on December 8th 1998 to Finnigan Arthur and Edith Laureen Dunbroch. For the first couple years of his life he already learned the importance of family. His Mother side of the family was small compared to his Father’s side which was much larger. They would come over constantly to be apart of his life. He even learned to speak Scottish Gaelic from his Paternal Grandparents. His family on each side didn’t get along due to being economically different and their view on basketball. His paternal family were huge fans of FBA while the maternal family thought it was a waste of time. Even though he watched some games with his family, Barnaby wasn’t really interested in the sport until later on in life.

His growth spurts made him one of the taller students as he entered middle school and the tallest in his family’s current generation. He was just hitting 6 and a quarter feet by this time. He was consistently noticed via the staff, students and strangers. They thought it was amazing that he was so tall at such a young age and he even made a few close friends due to his height. However, he was a little uncomfortable about his height due to being the target of bullying. This group of kids would call him Giant B or Barnsize. His family would occasionally try to be with him so the Bullies wouldn’t corner him, but they couldn’t follow him everywhere. They waited until Barnaby was alone to bump into him while walking and say hurtful things. He would try to ignore them, but some would still puncture him.

A good way that he was able to flush out the negative emotions was reading. He always found it fascinating that someone could create a world just from their imagination or even a scenario of the world in the mere future. He would always ask his parents if he could stop at the library to take out a few books and continued to go there when he was finished with the first batch. Over sometime, the library became his favorite spot to go to.. Some of his favorite books were fantasy and history.

One day when he arrived at the school’s gym, he noticed his cousin Naomi shooting hoops with her friends. He knew she was on the basketball team, but he never been to one to see how good she is. It seemed almost every shot she made would go in. She noticed him as she shot a three and ran over to ask if he wanted to join in. Barnaby thought for a moment before saying yes to the offer. The group placed him on the team against Naomi in a 3 v 3 match for the rest of the period. As they did their exhibition match, Naomi and the others noticed how good the bear was at defending the hoop as well as how Barnaby was enjoying himself. He was able to shake Naomi’s hot streak of making every shot to just making every other shot. The ones that didn’t make it would be because either Barnaby’s defense would cause them to make multiple errors plus receiving a good amount of rebounds and blocks. He was a little rough with his close and mid range shooting, but him and his team were able to win the scrimmage. After the match Naomi pulled him over and suggested he should join the Basketball team. After thinking for a few seconds Barnaby agreed to try out.

Next practice came Naomi introduced Barnaby to the Coach. After talking to her for a bit, she agreed to let him try even though it was a quarter of the way thru the season. As practice went on, the Coach was very impressed with Barnaby’s defense and after talking to the team agreed to let Barnaby join. Of course, he still needed to build his defense and his ability to shoot, but the Coach had high hopes. Through the rest of middle school, the team had a rise in wins partially thanks to the bear. His ability to defend the hoop and block shots kept getting better each game. The team slowly helped him become better with his close range shots, jumping, his strength and his free throws.

As high school came, Barnaby’s presence started to be even more notice. As he was 6’3 at the beginning of middle school; he grew even taller by the time he hit high school. At first he was a benchwarmer, but his spot on the starting lineup quickly came in tenth grade. People were beginning to talk about his double-doubles, his incredible defensive skills as well as his close range shots. Of course he still needed to work on a few more aspects like turnovers and mid range shots. However, his caution and intelligent had caught the attention of colleges like Winchester University and Underwood. His paternal family wanted him to go to Underwood as several of his family members had went there in the past, but his maternal family wanted him to go to Underwood due to its history.

Even though they were tempting for the bear, one college made his choice a lot easier in his late h.s. days and that was FurMass. FurMass saw his potential in both Basketball and his personal interests. They offered a Liberal arts scholarship to them for two years as well as trying out for the basketball team. After much thought, Barnaby agreed to FurMass instead of the others.. Even though his family was sad that he didn’t pick the others, they were happy for his decision regardless.

His experience thru college shaped him alot. He made great friends, his classes were enjoyable and he made the team with flying colours. Barnaby even made FurSports Magazine as the Top Hundred Rising Stars in 2016. However, his favorite thing about college was the library. Always feeling like they were second homes to him, the bear would spend hours in the library studying up for classes, looking up basketball history or just reading an intriguing book. He felt safe in this space where he could relax.

His years of basketball in college were a climb. Again he started on the bench for most of his first year. The bear kept practicing everyday for his chance to come where he could start. Barnaby practiced his offensive and defensive skills and even more so on his jumping, strength and close range shots.He came to the conclusion that the other skills like rebounding and blocking would come soon.

His chance finally arrived when the Senior got injured and was out for the season. He was ready to show what the bear got and it did. Barnaby had a triple double with rebounds, score and blocks in his first time of him playing school ball and even got the mvp of the game. The team was so impressed that Coach told him that he will be starting next game. Barnaby was so excited, but knew he couldn’t slip up now. If he did, it would be devastating. So, he continued to practice, lift weights and jog in order to stay in the game.

Over the years, he became a formidable player. Almost getting double doubles every game, he always made sure to perform at his best. Due to his good defense game, he was placed in the top fifty Furry College basketballs defenders in both 2017 and 18. He had decent mid range skills and his close range shots were almost uncontested. He still believes there is some room for improvement though in his skills. For example, his 3pt shooting is not good. His steal and foul ratio could use a lot of improvement. His mid range has improved a tad bit but there is a lot of room for improvement though.

As 2019 came around, he had a chat with his Coach and his parents about throwing his hat in the 2019 Draft. FurMass believes he is ready for the big leagues and can be a big star if he puts his heart out on the floor. His parents agreed with the coach and Barnaby found out his team, friends and family also agree with Coach. Having so much support behind him Barnaby decided to try for the 2019 Draft. He is a little nervous entering the Draft, but it's going to motivate Barnie to give it all he got in the Drafts to show he is ready for this.

Draft Combine games

Barnaby participated in the Draft Combine where he was on the bench for the first game and starting for the second. In the first game he put up only two points, but made up for it with 7 rebounds and 3 blocks. The second game provided 14 points, 17 rebound, 1 assist, 2 steals and 3 personal fouls. He received a double double in one of the combine games alongside Ivie Robins and Luther Kierkegaard.

Draft Night

Barnaby Dunbroch was selected 17th Overall by the Montana Howlers in the 2019 FBA Draft.