Biloxi Mudpuppies

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Biloxi Mudpuppies
Conference Eastern Conference
Division Southern Division
Founded 1961
History Active from the start of the FBA until 2012 when it was rebranded the Biloxi Voodoo
Arena Crawdad Park
City Biloxi, MS
Team colors Olive, Blue and White


Owner(s) Beauregard Teagues (male red tabby cat)
General manager Unlisted
Head coach Gary Armstrong (Louisiana black bear)
Assistant coach Jeremiah Vanhorn (male flamingo)
Lead trainer Morganne Doyle (female Newfoundland dog)
Championships 3
Division titles

The Biloxi Mudpuppies were a professional furry basketball team based in Biloxi, Mississippi USA. They were members of the Southern Division of the Eastern Conference of the Furry Basketball Association (FBA). Founded in 1961, the Mudpuppies were one of the original six teams of the FBA. They have won three league championships (1967, 1971, 1991).

Crawdad Park, home of the Biloxi Mudpuppies, is the oldest court in the FBA and the league's last remaining outdoor court. A basketball court built in a public park owned by the city of Biloxi, the venue contains bench seating, "off-site" locker rooms, and a tarp umbrella for bad weather. Although it is an outdoor court, due to FBA regulations, the court itself is varnished hard wood.

In 2012, the Mudpuppies announced a rebranding to fall more in line with the FBA policy of not using species in team names. The new team, the Biloxi Voodoo, coincided their new branding with a relocation to a brand new indoor venue.