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Founded in 1810 in Atlanta, Georgia, Braylor has been a pillar of excellence in higher education and athletics in the Southern States with a storied past. Historically an all-domesticated species institution, it was a bastion of various separatist ideals, producing many former students who would later become some of the most powerful and influential politicians and executives in the nation. Though the school remained well-attended and well-funded during its entire history, it came under major scrutiny throughout the post Reconstruction Era and Civil Rights Era for its steadfast tradition of imposing enrollment guidelines which were unfair to non-domestics, despite legal interventions. Though with each successive generation the attitudes shifted from “The Good Ol’ Days” to a more progressive and inclusive outlook, Braylor has been criticized by various civil liberties groups for being one of the last important institutions in the region to voluntarily rescind its species separatist criteria. To this day, Braylor still maintains a largely domestic student body (nearly 80%) though the stigma of species segregation is largely forgotten or unknown by current generations.

Attended By


Wallace Butler (Emperor Penguin, G/F) - Drafted 2013 by Tennessee Moonshiners
Roni Fulton (Raccoon, G) - Drafted 2014 by Tennessee Moonshiners
Cassidy Whitelatch (Border Collie, C/F) - Drafted 2014 by Dakota Bikers


Ben Bracy - 2014 GM of the Dakota Bikers