Brian Maddys Insu

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Brian Maddys Insu
(Pine Martin, G)
No. - – Restricted Free Agent
Position Guard
Species Pine Martin ( Mustelidae )
Gender Male
Mad Eyes
Personal information
Born Regina, Saskachewan
Nationality Canadian
Listed height 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
Listed weight 190 lb (86 kg)
Shoots Right
Career information
School Luther University, Regina
FBA draft 2015 / Undrafted
Player Contacts
(IC) Agent Unknown
(OOC) Creator Mr. Initial Man
(OOC) Actor Unknown
(OOC) Usage Ask me before any use


Brian Maddys Insu, an 18-year-old pine martin from Saskachewan, Canada, has spent his entire life preparing for FBA stardom. He -will- be the next Healy Davis; his father Jacques demands nothing less of him.

Ever since Brian was 6, Jacques Insu has groomed him to be a basketball superstar, giving him private training and drilling in that sport, spend hours studying game tape, and discussing the tactics of various players. He has also regularly had front row seats at any basketball game his father could take him to, but he learned early on he wasn't to cheer for the players. If he was cheering, he wasn't studying what they did.

His schoolwork suffered because of his training, and he only managed to keep a B- average in school, which meant he never made the honour roll, but good marks were beside the point as far as his father was concerned. What mattered was his skill in basketball--and skill he had in plenty.

Brian's extra training and conditioning gave him an immense edge, becoming the best player the school had ever seen, and one of only two players to win Basketball MVP every year of his school career. Some say his expression alone was like a battering ram. He set school records in assists, scoring, steals, blocks, and rebounds.

But while his skill in basketball was unquestionable, his social skills weren't. With Jacques constantly riding him to excel, he quickly developed an intense, ferocious personality on the court which was mirrored in his face, earning him the nickname Mad Eyes, a corruption of his middle name, and he had little contact with his teammates (or anyone outside his family) apart from practice and games. Even so, Brian was made captain of the basketball team in his junior year. While he proved to be a skilled floor general, able to read the movement of other teams and maximize his own team's strategies in response, he was as demanding of the players as his father was of him--and just as short-tempered, berating those who failed to perform as he expected or didn't do exactly as he'd told them, and every loss caused him immense stress.

He caught flack when he not only refused to celebrate with his team when they won the provincial championships--opting instead to prepare and train for the National Championship--but even questioned those who did celebrate about their dedication to basketball. His rant when they failed to win the Nationals got him in hot water with everyone.

His team won the Provincial Championships the next year as well, but again, Brian was absent from the celebrations, though this time he held his tongue about his teammates wasting their time feasting. When he graduated high school, his jersey number (#11) was retired. Brian's coach overheard Jacques tell Brian, I'll be impressed when your number is retired by the FBA. Brian's coach later said it was then he truly understood the young pine martin.

It was in college--which he attended via a basketball scholarship--where his father's drive for him to excell in basketball bit Brian in the tail for the first time--so devoted to basketball was he that he nearly flunked due to his poor grades. With some councelling, he managed to stay in classes. His private coaching and training continued, and again, Brian was a stand-out player in college, setting records in both rebounds and scoring and tying an old one for steals. This time, he made team captain in his sophomore year, leading his team to the Provincial championship, though (to his endless frustration) National championship eluded him.

In college, he won Rookie of the year, as well as MVP for most of his years on the team (only in one year was he surpassed by another.) His father petitioned the college for his jersey number (9) to be retired, but this was refused. Nevertheless, Jacques invited talent scouts from the Furry Basketball Association to watch Brian play, and Brian submitted his application to the FBA Draft, according to his father's wishes.

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